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In a world full of dangerous individuals doing illicit activities, the tendency for violence is undeniably inevitable. Untoward incidences such as crimes can strike anywhere at no particular time. As per the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety and security came second right after physiological needs. Indeed, everyone just wants to be secure and safe. However, no one is impenetrable or impervious especially when it comes to the harm brought about by people who do nothing but compromise other people’s lives with their illicit activities.

Most crooks do not necessarily choose their victims and truth be told, crimes do not exempt anyone. It can strike anywhere at anytime and can affect any person regardless of age, gender, race, religion or social standing. Criminals are very creative with their schemes; ergo, it is very helpful if we remain vigilant, on constant alert for their attacks, and act on things first before letting them happen. How? By conducting background investigations using records. Through this, we can somehow avoid those people that have had run-ins with the law before and those that have tendencies to commit a crime.




It is through the provision of the Open Records Act, now referred to as the Public Records Act of the Texas Government Code that constituents of Texas are granted with the right to access and inspect all registers contained in the state’s public archives. All vital events, court proceedings, law enforcement happenings and any other crucial occurrences in the Lone Star State that are tracked, assembled, collected and managed by all public agencies in the state and county level are subject to such statute. Therefore, these information can be accessed by any member of the general public when needed for legitimate purposes.

If you are in Austin County and you wish to conduct a background check on a suspicious individual, going through legal records is the best thing to do. Arrest and criminal reports could even be utilized to predict a repeat offender’s propensity to commit another crime. These crucial registers can be accessed through the Sheriffs’ Office, local courthouse, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Division of Criminal Justice. Each copy of these documents costs $15. To file a request, complete the application form first in its entirety with all the necessary particulars such as: the complete legal name of the person whose background is being scrutinized, the date of birth, any known monikers, last known address and the social security number if available. Also include your details as the requester and a phone number where you can be contacted. It is also a must that you specify your relationship to that individual and the reason why you wish to acquire such Austin County arrest record.

Because the manual retrieval entails a tedious process, most people nowadays opt to do the record search for Austin County arrest records over the Web. Simply look for a good record provider online, place your request, and expect to receive the results in no time. With this modern approach, you get to save time and effort as no more forms need to be filled out and so forth. Also, you no longer need to wait for days to weeks for the results. With the services offered by online repositories, you can get the records you need right away.

Austin County Jail Records

The Austin County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of the following departments:

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