Bowie County Arrest Records

Because legal documents, such as records, present a comprehensive account on an important event that occurred, they are informative and used for a lot of reasons – matrimonial unions, marriage dissolution, loans, school enrollments, background checks, claiming insurance benefits, and immigration. These are just few of the reasons why records are very beneficial and requested most of the time. Because they are that important, the Texas government has in fact appointed several agencies to keep track of every vital event that takes place within the Lone Star State and manage all records collected. Also, they are responsible in assisting anyone from the general public should they need to inspect or copy any of the state’s public archives for whatever legal reasons.

Texas is an open records state. Basically this means that all records created, collected and housed by the Lone Star State’s government bodies are subject to the Public Information Act of the Texas Government Code. This means that these documents are available to anyone from the general public and that there are no restrictions as to who are only entitled to receive such document. Included in the Texas governmental body are all state’s public agencies and private one that are supported by the Texas government.

Bowie County Texas Arrest Records




Law enforcement records such as warrants, arrest registers and crime reports are heavily relied on when it comes to background investigations. These documents play an important role in such endeavor as they present a comprehensive account on an individual’s misconducts and run-ins with the law enforcement. Any misdemeanors or felonies committed will be revealed. Knowing these information is paramount as it can help identify a person’s tendencies to commit a wrongdoing. Repeat offenders, in fact, are responsible for the high percentage of crimes today.

If you are in Bowie County and you need to procure arrest registers and criminal reports for background checks, knowing which agencies to go to is very important. For warrants and arrest records, the Bowie County Sheriffs’ Office can be visited. For criminal conviction documents, the Texas Department of Law Enforcement in the Division of Criminal Justice has these files. Each copy of such crucial registers costs $15. Before you can obtain these documents, an application has to be made first. Secure the application form from these offices and complete it with all the information asked. Once accomplished, send the form to these departments along with the processing fees. In record searches, accuracy is the key. Thus, it would be very helpful when you provide as much exact information as you can to locate the record you requested easier and faster.

Because the traditional method of retrieving these documents can be quite a hassle and time-wasting considering the waiting time of several days to weeks, most people nowadays prefer to retrieve records online. With alternative record providers in the Web, consumers are offered with a hassle-free transaction that proffers the same record retrieval services for lesser fees and faster processing time. When you choose to request any Bowie County arrest records and criminal registers online, you can expect to receive the results of your record search right away without deferral.

Bowie County Jail Records

There are various categories of warrants and arrest records depending on how severe the committed crime is. Some of the offenses for which criminal record categories exist in Bowie County include:

  • Probation violators
  • Justice of peace and DA’s most wanted
  • Most wanted sex offenders
  • Misdemeanor warrants
  • Felony warrants
  • Bench warrants
  • Alias warrants
  • Child support evader warrants

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