Caldwell County Arrest Records

The history of a person would often allow another person to glimpse into the possible future of that person, though it is conceded that this is not always possible, and that because the past of a person is bad is not a guarantee that the person would grow up to be a bad person. In other words, the past of a person is not a reflection of his future. In this time and age, however, it is important to know the past of a person, and while the best way to get to know that would still be from the person himself, sometimes, this is not possible. Note that a person is more likely to keep his past in the dark than to be open about the same, especially when said person believes that his past would color him at a bad light. There are, however, some things from the past of a person that has to be taken into consideration, and fortunately, most of these things could be located in a public record known as Caldwell County Arrest Record.

Public records are generally available to the public at all times, and arrest records are the same. A request for arrest record would be relatively easy because of their classification as a public record, and as an added bonus, public records are presumed to be genuine, not only the record itself, but also the contents thereof. Thus, a person claiming that the record is false would have the burden of proof to prove the same. This is the reason why there are multiple locations where these records could be located and requested from, but note that not every person would have an arrest record to his or her name.

Caldwell County Texas Arrest Records




One of the places where arrest records could be requested from would be the district court. A request at the district court would require the searcher to personally go to the records division of the court. There, the searcher would have access to multiple computer terminals where a database of all records that the district court would have is installed. Using this database, the searcher could search for the records, often by inputting some information in the database search form. Once the searcher is satisfied that he had placed everything that he could, clicking the search button at the bottom of the page would initiate the search and such a search would often be finished within just a few seconds. From the results of the search, the searcher should locate the one that he is interested in and note the control number of the same. The control number is the only thing that the searcher has to submit to the records keeper who would then produce the same. Once the searcher is sure that this is the record that he or she wants, a copy of the same could be requested for one dollar per page of the document to be copied, plus two dollars for the work order.

As fast as this method is, however, there exists a faster method, and that is through the use of online databases. There are a number of online databases that do provide the same information as the government offices and databases despite the fact that they are unaffiliated with the government. Using these databases is faster and more efficient, with some of them not even charging anything for the use of their systems. These systems could also be used from the home of the user without the need to fall in line.

Caldwell County Texas Arrest Records

A search at the district court should follow the procedure given below

  • At the records division of the district court, locate a computer terminal that no one is using.
  • Run the search software installed in the computer.
  • Input the data required by the software for a search, then click ‘search’ once you are satisfied with the data that you had inputted.
  • From the returns displayed by the software, select the one that you are interested in and note the control number of the same.
  • Head over to the record keeper desk and present the control number, requesting that the actual records be made available to you.
  • The records keeper would produce the record and once you are sure that you want a copy of the same, request for a copy.
  • The records keeper would prepare a work order form which you should take to the cashier where you would pay the required fee as indicated by the work order.
  • Return to the records division and claim your copy or copies by presenting your receipt as proof of payment.

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