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In a time where there are more people living within cities than without, one could not deny that more and more relationships and acquaintances are being formed between people. Often, these acquaintances would be ones that are forced by circumstances of work, or residence. These causal relationships are formed almost as fast as they end, and as a result of their fast formation, the years of foundation on which the friendship is based is not there. Yet, when hard times hit, it is these people that are depended upon, hence, it is not unreasonable that a prudent person would want to know as much as they could about their co-workers and their new neighbors. It is not argued that the best way to get to know someone would be through years, sometimes decades, of interaction with each other, but sometimes, that just is not possible. It is during these times that records, such as Calhoun County Arrest Records, are of much use.

Arrest records are public records, and this means two things. First, these records are considered to be available to the public at all times, often after completing a relatively easy set of procedures that is prescribed by law. Second, these records are presumed to be authentic at all times, and this presumption extends even to the contents of the record, thus, the presentation of record is prima facie evidence of the truthfulness of the facts contained therewith. A person who would allege that the record contains false information would have the burden of proving the same. Finally, note, that not every person would have an arrest record in his or her name as only people who had been arrested would have arrest records in their name.

Calhoun County Texas Arrest Records




Arrest records, or at least copies thereof, may be obtained from a number of sources, and one of those is the records division of the county library. A person who wishes to obtain copies of arrest records from this office would have to personally go to the records division. Once there, there are a number of computer terminals that may be used with the database available. This database would ask the searcher a number of questions and using the answers to the same, would locate not only the record, but also the location of the same. The user would only have to note the location number and present the same to the records keeper in order to obtain the record. Of course, it is possible that there would be multiple returns, and in such a case, the searcher would have to locate the record that he or she is interested in from the returns of the search. Once the searcher is sure that the record that he or she had been presented with are the ones that she is supposed to be looking for, copies of the same may be requested, though, of course, the searcher must pay for the same. The rate is one dollar per page of the record.

Searching using online databases is also possible, and this may actually prove to be faster and more efficient. The databases involved in a search using online databases are usually not affiliated with the government, but the information provided is substantially the same. Of course, most of these databases provide their information for free and because they are internet searches, they could be done from the home of the users, with some databases actually providing more information because they are connected to other databases.

Calhoun County Jail Records

When searching for records at the library, follow the procedure given below

  • Head over to the library and inform the librarian of your request.
  • You would be directed to the archives where you would see several computer terminals, you would have to use one to aid you in your search.
  • The computer terminal would have an intranet search engine on, usually with some blanks regarding the search you want to conduct.
  • From a drop down box, select ‘public records’.
  • The program should then load the search database that you would use for your search. There would some blanks regarding the public record that would have to be filled.
  • Using your answers, the database would look for the records.
  • Often, the database would return several results, locate the record that you are interested in from the results.
  • The result would include a control number. Note the same.
  • At the desk of the record keeper, give the control number and ask that the record be made available to you. The record would then be given to you.
  • Request that copies of the same be made, and pay the required fee.

    Claim your copy of the records by presenting your receipt as proof of payment.

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