California Arrest Records

California arrest records may be restricted to certain information that it can or can’t reveal. The Department of Justice requires ten days in order to determine the nature of the requested record and if they can disclose it. This information might also be subject to a 14 day extension period. If the information can’t be sent to you during that time, the department will provide you with an estimated delivery date. To request a record about an individual, you must fill out a form listing some of your own personal information – such as name, address, email address and phone number. You’ll also need to provide as much information as possible about the person for whom you want the search performed and state why you need these records. Send the request form to:

California Attorney General’s Office
California Dept. of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
Phone: (800-952-5225

California Criminal Records




If the record is found, you’ll incur a fee of $.10 per page or more (if the Department of Justice has to search through or extract computer data). There is so much information contained in California arrest records and so many records to search through that it’s quite a formidable task. If you search through public records on your own, the time and effort is enormous and at the end of the task you still may not have the information you need. Another way to perform a California arrest records search is to find an online search service that has the use of its own powerful search engines to find your information and deliver it to you in a concise report. For a very reasonable fee, these online search services can quickly and easily find information about a person who is now in your life.

If no information is found, the fee will be refunded. Even if you’re performing a one-time search, these services can be invaluable if you’re searching for background information about someone who’s going to be watching over your children while you’re on a trip. You’ll discover if that person was ever charged for sexual molestation of a child, forgery, thievery or any number of issues that might cause you to change your mind about letting this person in your life. Many people use arrest record searches for family background information to complete a family tree. The information can shed light on a family’s history that might have been kept secret until now.

When requesting a California arrest record search, provide all the information you have on the person to be sure the information is delivered quickly and seamlessly. As much information as you can deliver will help expedite the report and ensure that you have the right person’s information. Click on the link to find out how you can enlist the services of a professional online search service to find arrest records from California or any state.

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