Canada Arrest Records

Canada is a vast country with a vast amount of arrest records. Searching through Canada arrest records can be a daunting task, but the records are available to the public. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) stores the records in their Identification Data Bank and records are accessible that cover outstanding warrants, police investigations and judicial orders. The processing fee is $25 (Canadian) or the equivalent in U.S. dollars. You must complete an application and send it with the fee to:

Canadian Police Information Center
7750 Huontario St.
Brampton, Ontario L6V, 3W6
Phone: (905) 543-2121

Canada Criminal Records




One caveat for searching through Canada arrest records is that you might need the consent of the person whose information you’re searching for. This might be awkward if you’re trying to find arrest records for a person without him or her knowing. Another option is to engage the services of an online, fee-based search service. These private entities will assist you in finding arrest records for anyone – anywhere and will provide the information in a clear and concise manner, directly to your computer. After you enter the information you want used for the search (for example, full name, address, gender, race and sex), you’ll submit and receive (usually in minutes) a full report about the person’s Canadian arrest records. These services are swift and confidential and you’ll be bypassing the tedious process of going through the Canadian bureaucracy. Legal professionals use online methods on a daily basis and maintain a monthly or yearly membership, but one time searches are available if that’s the only time you might need it.

People who want arrest records to simply discover if a person in their lives are who they say they are might use the online arrest record search service to put their minds at ease. But, the revealed data might also be a wakeup call to extricate the person from your life altogether. At least you’ll finally know the truth.

If you’re going through a state-based service to find arrest records, you may want to beware that information is sometimes left out of the reports – or the search may not have been wide enough to find all of the person’s records, if they’ve committed offences elsewhere. Be sure you’re getting the most accurate and up to date information you can by choosing an online search service to search through Canadian arrest records for the data you need. Click on the link to discover how a search service can help you.

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