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Over the past few years, background checks had become almost a requisite when one is doing almost anything. Background checks have become standard not only for business owners but also for parents and even neighbors. Of course, there are a number of specialized firms that would provide these services but aside from the fact that they are expensive and inefficient, some of their investigation taking more than a hundred dollars and a few months to complete, it is also a fact that background checks conducted by these firms have began to rely more and more on records that are supposed to be available to the public rather than the personal interview method that was popularized by popular culture when it comes to background investigations. One of the forms of records that background inspections depend on is arrest records such as Cherokee County Arrest Records.

Arrest records are helpful when conducting background checks because of the information contained within them. The four corners of an arrest record contain information regarding the criminal background of the person whom the records refer to. Arrest records are public records, which means that they are not only available to the public at all times, they are also afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity of not only the document itself but also of the contents of the document. Thus, the information contained within the record would be accepted as the truth unless there is compelling evidence to compel otherwise. Furthermore, one must not that not every person has an arrest record as one has to be arrested first before an arrest record with the name of the person would be made.

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One of the offices where arrest records could be found is the office of the district attorney, as the district attorney and his staff frequently make use of these records not only when they are prosecuting a person but also when they are investigating someone. Not only are the addresses on the records going to be of assistance, but also the contents whenever they want to challenge the integrity of the person or protect the same. When requesting for arrest records at the office of the district attorney, it is important to note that while the record division operates a database, the same is neither online nor available to the general public, thus, the need to make the request in person. Once the request is made, however, and once the searcher had provided information about the record that he or she is requesting for, it is just a matter of using the database to locate the records. Once the records had been located, the searcher could then request that copies of the same be made and after the searcher had paid the required copying fee, the copies would be made and issued to the searcher.

Of course, just because the database of the district attorney is not available online does not mean that there are no online databases that one could use. These databases, however, are not affiliated with the government, though most of them do provide the same information as the government offices and databases. These online databases provide their information at a faster and more efficient manner, with most not even charging anything for the use of their database. As with all internet searches, these databases could be used from the comfort of the home of the user with only a computer and an internet connection required.

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When requesting for arrest records at the office of the district attorney, follow the procedure given below

  • Head over to the records division of the office of the district attorney
  • Request that arrest records be made available to you.
  • A member of the staff would ask for some information regarding the records that you are searching for.
  • Using their own database and the information that you had given, the member of the staff would attempt to locate records that match your search criteria.
  • The member of the staff would return with the results. Pick the one that you would like to see, or you could just ask that all of the records be made available to you.
  • Request that copies of the records that you require be made for you.
  • You would be directed to the cashier where you should pay the required copying fee.
  • Return to the records division and claim your copies of the records by presenting your receipt as proof of payment.

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