Colorado Arrest Records

Access to Colorado arrest records is available through the state if you have a case number or name. They clearly state that the information you receive from the state may be erroneous either by omission or other errors in filing the data. You may need to create an account to look through records for an inmate or a parolee, but if you’re not specific, you can go through:

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation
690 Kipling St. #3000
Denver, CO 80215
Phone: (303) 239-4208

Colorado Criminal Records




One of the stipulations for searching Colorado arrest records is that the information contained in the report not be used for financial gain. There is a fee of $6.85 for each name search and individual search requests can be paid with a credit card. You’ll also need to provide the exact name and date of birth for the search to be accurate. If you want to receive a criminal certificate for various purposes, you’ll need to fill out a request form and mail it with a $13 fee to the above address. If you’re suspicious of a person in your life who once lived in Colorado, it would be wise to search through criminal records to be sure the person is telling the truth about who he or she is. Crime rates are soaring all over the United States and beyond. You just can’t be too careful about the person you let in to your personal or business life. Criminal searches might reveal that the person has a record of sex offences or child molestation. Criminal searches might reveal that the person has a record of sex offences or child molestation. One search for arrest records can remove any doubt that you may have about the person – or convince you not to hire him.

Online search services have sprung up like plants all over the Internet because of the need to find criminal records in a hurry and to receive accurate and up-to-date information that can be used to make a decision about people. These fee-based services have much more powerful search engines and more thorough databases than state agencies and can have the data delivered to your computer usually in a matter of moments. If the search reveals nothing – you pay nothing. Legal professionals all over the world use these trusted services to get information on people and cases that must be the most accurate and updated data available. They rely on the service day after day and usually join in a monthly membership. But, if you’re only planning on a one-time search on a person in your life, you can simply pay a fee to get a report. Your payment and personal information will be kept strictly confidential. You’ll be choosing to bypass a lot of red tape and hassle if you choose a professional, online site as opposed to a state-based search – and you’ll be assured of getting the exact information you need to make a decision about someone based on facts and not rumors. Click on the link to find out more about online search sites that will help you search and find Colorado arrest records.

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