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The Internet has been a boon to businesses and socializing – keeping up with friends and family. But, with the ease of communication through the Internet has also come danger in the form of child predators, frauds and scams designed to wreak havoc on your personal life or your finances. Teens are the most active group who use the Internet for socializing, and you, as a parent, can’t be sure of whom they’re communicating with on a daily basis. If you have a teen that uses social networking sites and are skeptical about whom they’re communicating with, you may want to search the Internet to see if there is a criminal background listed for the name of the person. If the person lives in Delaware, you can search through Delaware arrest records and get the answers you need to protect your teen and/or your family from harm. There are several ways that you can obtain the background information you need. One is by using fingerprints (not an option if you’re searching for someone you or your teen met online) and another is by providing the full name of the individual to the Delaware State Police. The address is:

Delaware State Bureau of Identification
Blue Hen Mall and Corporate Cntr., Ste 1B
655 Bay Rd.
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 739-5871

Delaware Criminal Records




You’ll also need to send a $45 fee for the search which you can pay by credit or debit card, company check or money order. Another way to search the criminal background of an individual without the hassle of going through a state-based service is to use a professional, online, fee-based service. These services have become popular since the onset of crimes that happen online, whether from sexual predators or other types of criminals. The Internet has made it easy, both to commit crimes and to search for criminals. Professional search services have evolved from need and demand and they’ve developed powerful search engines and databases that can quickly search through arrest records, both in Delaware and other states and have a report to you in a matter of moments.

Even people you may know – your neighbors, a child’s teacher or coach or a new love interest that you think you know well – should go through a background check just to set your mind at ease that you’re not letting the wrong person into your life. While the report you receive from a state-based search may be sketchy or inaccurate, a professional, fee-based search is presented to you in a clear and concise manner which you can easily understand and use to base your decision on. Searching for a person’s possible criminal background is an easy, but powerful method to keep people out of your life that could be a possible danger to you and your family. Click on the link to find out more about searching through Delaware arrest records or any state you choose.

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