Fayette County Arrest Records

According to the Freedom Information Act of the Texas Government Code, any member of Texas is entitled to access, check and even copy any record contained the state’s public archives. Therefore, the government has implemented no restrictions nor prohibitions as to who can only request access to such crucial information unless otherwise stated. Nevertheless, if the document requested for is protected and confidential, it must be taken note of that these can only be procured by the person indicated on the register and the next kin. To get a hold of these kinds of records, a written request has to be made which has to be addressed to the Law Enforcement Office. Such governmental body serves as the chief storehouse for all criminal history information in the Lone Star State.

To procure such important documents, a certain process has to adhered to. Placing an order for any registers in Fayette County, Texas, can be done through telephone, mail, in person or walk-in. For arrest records, the entreaty should be addressed to the Fayette County Sheriffs’ Office. Nonetheless, if you yourself have an existing warrant or arrest record, you might end up arrested unless you have hired a defense attorney. Thus, it would be best to verify first such information or just process your transaction through mail or via telephone.

Fayette County Texas Arrest Records




Background checking in Texas costs $9.95. If you want a more detailed investigation on the individual whose background you are delving, like digging into any criminal case the person might have perpetrated, a Criminal History Record Information may be requested. Such vital register is kept specifically at the Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice. Each copy of this report costs $15. The same fee applies should you wish to just obtain a Fayette County arrest records from the Fayette County Sheriffs’ Office.

To get any legal documents in Fayette County, writing application is the most basic step Before placing an order, however, it is important that you already have the significant details about the document you wish to obtain to make things easier for you and the agency to where you would be placing your order at. Information that you have to write in the application form are the person’s complete legal name, any known monikers, date of birth, approximate age, social security number if known, and his or her last known address. These particulars are already sufficient enough for the background investigation to push through. Apparently, accuracy is the key in criminal background checks. Hence, providing the exact information is very crucial and beneficial.

The conventional way of retrieving legal documents for whatsoever licit purposes, however, is quite tedious as you will have to endure the long waiting time and do handle some paper works along the way. While some people still prefer this traditional method, most people today prefer the contemporary way which is done over the Web. This is to avoid all the hassle the traditional method entails as well as cut costs. Through this modern approach, you are guaranteed of a cheaper, faster, and hassle-free record retrieval transaction.

Fayette County Jail Records

To get ahold of Fayette County arrest registers, you can visit the following agencies:

  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Local Court House
  • Department of Law Enforcement
  • Department of Public Safety

Additional information pertaining to jail records and criminal background investigations in Fayette County can be acquired from:

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