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There had been many studies conducted over the past few years detailing the reasons why there are now more people living within cities rather than without. More people living in cities means that there are more and more people living within the urban sprawls and this means increase influx of people from rural communities as well as more and more interaction between people that live in the same neighborhoods. Of course, while this is a good thing, there are those who are not as open about themselves as other people would want, thus, there could be issues of trust. As social creatures, humans like to interact with each other, but issues of trust tend to put wrenches in such exercises. Of course, nothing would substitute for years of interaction with each other in order to defeat these issues of trust, but one must also acknowledge that sometimes, it is not possible to wait for these years. It is in these circumstances that arrest records, such as Floyd County Arrest Records, come in.

This is because arrest records contain information regarding the criminal history of the person whom they refer to. Of course, not every person would have an arrest records to his name, one has to be first arrested for something before such an arrest record could be made. Arrest records, however, are public records, and from the perspective of using public records as a source of information, the classification of public records gives two advantages. The first is that as public records, arrest records are relatively easy to obtain and the second is that as public records, there is a presumption that the information contained within the records is not only authentic, but are also accurate. Thus, it is usually up to the person claiming something that is contrary to the record to prove said claim.

Floyd County Texas Arrest Records




The official recorder is the county is the county clerk, and in this mandate, the county clerk has copies of every record made within the borders of the county. To request for an arrest record at the county clerk, the searcher would have to make a personal request not for the record but for permission to view the archives. Note that permission is almost always given as a matter of public policy. In any case, once permission had been given, all that is left is to actually search the archive for the record. Note that it is possible to request for the assistance of a member of the staff for the actual search, and as the members of the staff are presumed to be familiar with the recording system used by the office, this could expedite the search. In any case, once the records had been located, the searcher could request that copies of the same be made. The required copying fee is one dollar per page of the record, plus two dollars for certification per document.

A faster search for record could be conducted using online databases. There are a number that would be helpful in this endeavor, and despite the fact that most of them are not affiliated with the government, they do provide the same information as these government offices and agencies, albeit, they provide their information in a faster and more efficient manner, with most actually not charging anything to the user for using their databases.

Floyd County Jail Records

The procedure to follow when requesting for arrest records at the office of the county clerk is as follows

  • Head over to the county clerk office and make the personal request to view the archives there.
  • Once permission is given, request assistance from a member of the staff.
  • Search the archives. This would be the longest part of the procedure because there would be volumes of files involved in the search.
  • Once the records that you are looking for had been located, request that copies of the same be made.
  • Bring the records to the desk of the records keeper and request that copies be made for you.
  • Pay the required copying and certification fee before claiming your certified copies of the record.

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