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It is undeniable that the best way that a person would get to know another would be through years of interaction with each other. There are times, however, when this is not possible, and in such a case, people need to know as much as they could about the other person. This happens in cases such as a business owner wanting to know everything about an applicant, or a parent who wants to know the history of a person that they are contemplating taking on as a baby-sitter. Now, it is possible for the applicant to tell everything about him, but it is safer to depend on public records such as Franklin County Arrest Records.

Arrest records are public records and because of this, they are generally available to the public at all times and no matter what the reason for the request is. There are, however, certain procedures that a person requesting for the record must comply with first before the record would be issued. The procedure is there in order to protect the records because these records are afforded great respect when it comes not only to their authenticity but also to the authenticity of their contents.

Franklin County Texas Arrest Records




The searcher is also required to know exactly where he or she should go when requesting for arrest records because there are a number of offices where such records could be located, though not all of these offices would have original or even certified copies. Thus, one must know the best office to locate records, and one of the best offices is the sheriff office because the sheriff and his deputies keep these records in the pursuit of their mandate as the primary law enforcement agency in the county.

In order to request for arrest records from the sheriff office, the searcher should first show up at the actual location of the records. This is because there is currently no online application that could be used. One must not let this discourage the searcher though as the procedure is relatively simple. Once at the sheriff office, the division concerned would be the records division, so this is where the searcher should make the request. A clerk would then request for specific information regarding the record that is being requested for from the searcher, and using that information, the clerk would attempt to locate any record that would match the parameters given by the searcher. Note that it is possible for the clerk to come back with more than one record or no record at all. In the case of the former, the searcher would have to peruse the records to find the one he or she wants, and in the case of the latter, the searcher could request for a certification to reflect the fact that there are no records in the sheriff office. Either way, a copy of either the certificate or the record would cost one dollar per page and should be paid at the cashier before the record or certificate as the case may be would be released to the searcher.

Of course, for those who prefer an online search, there is the option of using online databases. Note that these databases are not affiliated with the government, but this does not mean that the information that they provide is different, because they are the same. the difference is the speed with which these databases could provide their information as they do so in a faster and more efficient manner. One should also not forget the fact that most of these databases provide their information for free and because they are connected with other databases, it is possible for the searcher to come up with far more information than the ones that they are initially interested in.

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The procedure when requesting for arrest records at the sheriff office is provided below

  • Visit the Sheriff Office records division
  • Inform a clerk on duty of your request.
  • The clerk would then ask you some questions regarding the record that you wish to procure. Try to answer as accurately as possible.
  • The clerk would then use the information that you had provided and locate any record that would match the criteria.
  • It is possible for the clerk to return with more than one record or with no record at all
  • In such a case where the clerk returned with more than one record, peruse the records to locate the one that you wish to procure. alternatively, you could request for copies of all the documents.
  • In such a case where there are no records at all, request for a certification reflecting the same.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier
  • Return to the records division and claim your copies of the record or the certification as the case may be.

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