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Governments of today always require some sort of record to reflect their activities, and a great majority of these records are available to the public because it is in the interest of the public to know. At any given day, more than half of the requests that would be directed to any government office would be for said government office to produce some sort of record, and this is true for both public and private records. Galveston County Arrest Records, however, are unlike ordinary records that are being requested for, though there are many requests for the same. This is because these arrest records do not pertain to government activity, rather, they pertain to the individual conduct of a person. These records contain anecdotes regarding the criminal past of the person whom the records refer to, thus, it is not difficult to see why these records are of much interest to the public, because a great deal of information regarding the person whom the records refer to could be gleamed from these documents.

As with all public records, arrest records are supposed to be available to the public at any given time and no matter what the circumstances are behind the request. The requirements of the law that these records be kept, maintained, and secured at all times, however, mandate that there must be some sort of procedure that must be first followed before the records would be released to the public. Note that these records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, and this adds more importance to the procedure that must be followed before these records could be released. It is not hard to imagine the problems and troubles that a doctored record could cause to the person whom the records refer to.

Galveston County Texas Arrest Records




One of the offices where copies of arrest records are located is the office of the district attorney as the district attorney requires these records in order to effectively do their job of prosecuting criminal offenders. A request at this office for arrest records has to follow a certain set of procedure as was mentioned before, and the procedure starts with the searcher making his or her request in person at the records division of the district attorney office. Note that a search here may take some time because the records division of the district attorney office is not used to such requests. In any case, the searcher should provide the basic information regarding the document that he or she wants to locate to the records keeper who would then attempt to locate a record matching the search criteria. If there are records, and the searcher is satisfied that this is the record that he or she is searching for, a copy of the same could be made for the searcher after payment of the required fee which is one dollar per page of the document.

Of course, the searcher could just search for the arrest records online using online databases, a number of which proliferate the internet. These databases are often unaffiliated with the government, but they do provide the same information as the government offices, though often in a faster and more efficient manner. Some of these databases also do not charge anything for the use of their information, and some are even connected with other databases providing the opportunity for more information than the ones that the users are initially searching for.

Galveston County Jail Records

The procedure given below is for request for arrest records

  • Head over to the district attorney office and their records division
  • Inform the records keeper of your intention to search for records.
  • Provide some information regarding the document that you are searching for such as the name of the person whom the records refer to.
  • The records keeper would attempt to locate the records using the information that you had provided.
  • If there are records, the records keeper would present the same to you.
  • Request for a copy of the record and pay the required fee at the cashier
  • Present the receipt to the records keepers before claiming your copy of the record.

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