Georgia Arrest Records

Georgia authorizes searches of arrest records by the public if the record doesn’t contain a non-felony conviction (unless you have a signed authorization from the individual). But, other crimes and arrests are updated on a monthly basis and anyone can search these Georgia arrest records. For more information about searching arrest records in Georgia or to ask for more information, the mailing address is:

Georgia Crime Information Center
CCH/Identification Services
P.O. Box 370808
Decatur, GA 30037-0808
FAX: (404) 270-8417

Georgia Criminal Records




There are over nine million people in Georgia, so you can imagine the amount of arrest records the state government has to deal with. For that reason, there may be a fee (up to $20) for implementing an investigation of arrest records. You’ll need to know some information about the person in question, such as full name, address and other information that might be valuable in finding the person’s record quickly and to be sure it’s accurate. The Internet has made the process of searching through arrest records much easier. Now, you can find sex offenders, identity thieves and other perpetrators who might be poised to do you and/or your family harm. Information you might receive in a Georgia arrest record includes date of birth, sex, personal data such as weight and height, date of arrest and convictions, plea bargains and incarcerations. If you’re requesting a Georgia arrest record from out of state, there may be different requirements and fees.

There’s another way to get the information you need from Georgia arrest records. Procuring a professional, online search site can provide the data you need in a quick and easy way. All you have to do is pay a reasonable fee for the search, submit as much information as you have about the person whose record you’re searching for and wait for the results. You’ll usually receive the report in a matter of moments and be able to look it over in private.

There are so many reasons why you might need to search through background information on an individual in your life. Business reasons are paramount for those planning to get someone or to trust a person for important matters. Personal reasons include new love interests, people who are in and around your home or your children’s school or activities, a person you need to trust with finances and many more reasons. Arrest records can reveal information about a person that he or she may be reluctant to offer and you’ll be able to see at a glance if this person deserves to be a part of yours or a loved one’s life.

A professional, online search site can offer the data you need to make an educated decision about a person – or set your mind at ease about making a positive decision. A reputable site will usually provide much more information than a state-based operation because the fee-based sites have enormous databases and powerful search engines to use for the searches. Click on the link now to find out more information about how you can get information from Georgia arrest records.

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