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There are many reasons why there are records in various government offices. It is accepted that most of the things that are being done within these offices are subject to the supervisory powers of an agency above them, but because not everything that is being done deserves the personal supervision of a member of another agency, the only way to check would be through the records made by these government offices that are under supervision. Of course, since these records are public records, they are supposed to be available to the public at all times as well. As the world starts to shrink, however, and people make more and more connections through instant means, these records had also become important to ordinary people because of the information contained within them. One of the most requested for records would be arrest records such as Gregg County Arrest Records.

This is because arrest records contain information regarding the criminal background of the person whom the records refer to. Thus, it is not that hard to imagine what kind of use these records would have for the person who had made the request. As an added bonus, because these records are public records, they are relatively easy to obtain. Thus, the procedure to follow when requesting for them is relatively easy and short. Another advantage afforded to these records made by the fact that they are classified as public records is the fact that the information contained within the four corners of these documents are generally presumed to be accurate, thus, only one glance is required in order for anyone to conclude that the information is accurate, and it is up to the person claiming otherwise to prove the same. Of course, this presumption could cause problems if the records were to be doctored in any way. Note further that not every person has an arrest record, as they are not birth certificates that are made the moment that the person is born.

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Arrest records referring to a person are made only when a person is taken into custody for a criminal act. The agency that is primarily tasked with making arrest records is the office of the sheriff, thus, it is at this office where the records could be found, though there are other offices where copies of the records could be requested from. When requesting for a copy of an arrest record at the sheriff office, the person making the request should head over to the records division of the sheriff department and make the request there. A member of the division should be on hand to assist the search and after said member had requested information from the searcher, the staff would use their own database in order to locate records that match the search criteria given by the searcher. Copies could then be made if the records are the ones that the searcher is looking for. The required copying fee is one dollar per page of the document.

Over the past few years, searching for records online using online databases had gained in popularity. It could not be denied that this method of searching is not only faster and more efficient, but also would cost the user less, as most of the online databases that would be of much assistance in this case does not charge anything for the use of their information.

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Below is the procedure to follow when requesting for arrest records at the sheriff office

  • Head over to the records division of the sheriff office
  • Locate a member of the division that is free and make your request to the person.
  • The member of the division would ask you to provide some information regarding the document or records that you are searching for.
  • Answer as accurately as possible as this would limit the search parameters.
  • Using their own database, the member of the division would search for the records
  • If there are records, they would then be produced for your perusal.
  • Once you are satisfied that these are the records that you are searching for, request that copies be made for you.
  • Pay the required copying fee at the cashier before returning to the records division and claiming your copies of the records.

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