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Records are very important legal documents and are very beneficial in a handful of purposes. Quite a few of the reasons why they are requested and delved into include genealogy researches, immigration, marriage, school enrollments, financial loan applications, background checks and so forth. Because records present a comprehensive account on a certain noteworthy event that transpired, they can shed light to very crucial information. In Texas, fortunately, the government has designated entities to register all important events that occur within the Lone Star State, collect these records, and keep them for the public’s future reference.

Because Texas is an open records state, any member of the state who needs to get their hands into any documents comprising the state’s public archives can actually do so. As per the Texas Government Code’s Public Information Act, Texans are entitled to access these records, inspect them, and even copy them whenever needed. Basically, all records generated, collected and managed by the state’s governmental bodies are subject to such Act. The Texas governmental body comprises all open or public offices in the state as well as private entities which make use of government subsidies.

Guadalupe County Texas Arrest Records




Among all legal documents, law enforcement registers are utilized most often as they contain a lot of crucial information about the person whose background is being sussed out. Warrants, arrest documents and criminal reports are heavily relied on in the process of delving into the shady past of anyone questionable. These documents are available at the local courthouse, Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice, and at the Sheriffs’ Office in the county where the event transpired.

If you are in Guadalupe County and you wish to get a hold of these registers, arrest records for instance, you can go visit the Guadalupe County Sheriffs’ Office and place your order. Warrants can also be obtained from such office. The office of the Sheriffs in Guadalupe County is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and is closed during major holidays. For a more detailed account on the criminal history of a certain person though, a Criminal History Information may be obtained. Such document is available at the Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice. To process your requests, an application must be made first and submitted to the concerned governmental body once accomplished. Please do not forget to include the processing fee of $15. Several days to weeks will be needed to process such entreaties.

To hasten things up, you can actually do the record search online through alternative record repositories. Because they also make use of a statewide database, you can be assured of credible, valid and reliable results. Unlike the traditional method of retrieving Guadalupe County arrest records and criminal reports, this online way is easier and hassle-free as no more paper works need to be done; plus you are guaranteed of a very fast turnaround. Within minutes of placing your order for any Guadalupe County arrest records, you can already expect to receive the records you need right away.

Guadalupe County Jail Records

The Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office features the following services:

  • Criminal Case Records Search
  • Probate/Guardianship Case Records Search
  • Civil Family Case Records Search
  • Jail Records Search
  • Jail Bond Records Search

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