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Arrest records refer to records that are kept by law enforcement offices in order to provide information regarding the criminal past of a person. Typically, however, these arrest records are actually of more use to ordinary citizens who request for the same in order to learn more information regarding the people that they interact with in a daily basis. Thus, business owners may make the request for the arrest record in order to assure themselves that the person that they just hired is not likely to run with their cash register, parents may request for the record to insure that the teacher in the local school would not run off with their kids, and there are other examples of the importance of Harris County Arrest Records.

Arrest records contain information that is of use not only to law enforcement officials and offices but also to the general public because they contain pertinent criminal information regarding the person whom the records refer to. Thus, arrest records contain, among others, the last time that the person whom the records refer to had been arrested and if he had been convicted for an offense. The records should also contain the time when and where the person was jailed. Not that arrest records are public records, and as such, are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity.

Harris County Texas Arrest Records




A request for arrest records must follow a certain procedure that is prescribed by law. Note that while these records are public records, the law requires the relevant county offices where such records are kept to prescribe procedure because access to the records must be limited in order to preserve their authenticity. One of the offices where arrest records may be requested from would be the local district attorney office of the county because the offices use these records in the pursuit of their mandate.

To request for a record at the district attorney office, the searcher should first make his or her way to the actual physical location of the office. The division of the district attorney office that is relevant to this search would be the records division, so the searcher should first locate the records division. Once there, the searcher should make his or her request to a clerk who would then ask the searcher to provide some information regarding the record that the searcher wants. The clerk would then use their own database to determine if there are records, and if there are, said records would be made available to the searcher who could then request for copies of the same after paying the required fee which is one dollar per page.

The databases of the different county offices where these records are kept are not available for the use of the ordinary citizens, but there are other databases that may be used by them, although these are not affiliated with the government. They, nevertheless, provide the same information as government offices and databases, and the only thing required for the searcher is an internet connection and a computer. As with all internet searches, using these databases are faster and more efficient, and because they are connected databases, the user may find more information than the ones that he or she initially wants. Finally, these databases are mostly free to use and could be done from the rooms of the user without the need to fall in line.

Harris County Jail Records

When requesting for records at the district attorney office, follow the procedure given below

  • Head over to the district attorney office records division
    Inform the clerk of your request of arrest records.
  • The clerk would ask you some questions regarding the record that you wish to obtain. Answer as accurately as possible.
  • Using their database, the clerk would attempt to locate a records matching your search criteria.
  • If there are records, they would then be produced for your perusal.
  • Request that copies be made for you.
  • The clerk would direct you to the cashier where you would pay the required fee.
  • Return to the records division and claim the copies by presenting the receipt.

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