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Among the most requested for records in the various government offices where records are kept would be arrest records like Harrison County Arrest Records, and the reasons for the relative popularity of arrest records is best understood when one takes into consideration the contents of these records. Imagine a business owner who would want to hire a person as an employee, said employee must be trustworthy and would not likely be cutting the cash register and fleeing with the same when no one is looking. Imagine a parent who wants to find a babysitter, and said parent must insure that the person that he or she is taking on is not going to run with the kids and hold them for ransom. Arrest records is not the best method of ascertaining the trustworthiness of a person, for the best method would still be the years of interaction between the parties, the trust that builds only after that many hours of interaction. Arrest records, however, provide information that is relatively the same as those hours of interaction at a relatively faster pace. Of course, it is still possible that there are blanks at the records.

Arrest records are public records, and this classification means two things relative to using these records to ascertain information. The first is that they are relatively easy for any person to obtain. The classification of public records appended to arrest records means that the procedure to follow when requesting for the same is minimal. The second is that arrest records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, not only of the record itself, but also the information contained within the record. Thus, the information within the four corners of the paper that makes up the arrest record is generally accepted to be authentic.

Harrison County Texas Arrest Records




One of the offices where copies of arrest records could be found and requested from is the office of the county clerk, because the county clerk is the official recorder of the county. Thus, all records could, theoretically, be found in the office of the county clerk. A search for records at this office would require the physical presence of the searcher because he or she would have to conduct the search in person. First, permission must be obtained from the records keeper to access the archives, though note that permission is almost always given. Once permission is given, the searcher is advised to request for the assistance of a member of the staff as this would, presumably, expedite the search. Actually searching the voluminous archives may be the longest part of the procedure, but once the records had been located, the searcher could request that copies of the same be made by taking the record to the desk of the records keeper and requesting the same. After paying the required fee, one dollar per page of the record plus two dollar certification fee for every document, the copies would be made and certified.

It is also possible to search for the records online, though note that such results could not be used for official purposes. In any case, online searches are always faster and more efficient, and even if most of the databases used for online searches are not affiliated with the government, they do provide the same information. Finally, there are online databases that are easy to find and does not charge anything for the use of their information.

Harrison County Jail Records

The procedure to follow when requesting for arrest records is given below

  • At the office of the county clerk records division, request permission from the records keeper to access the archives.
  • Once permission is given, request for assistance from a member of the staff.
  • Once access to the archives is accomplished, search the archives for the records in question.
  • Once the records had been located, bring the same to the desk of the records keeper and request that copies be made for you
  • Pay the required copying and certification fee
  • Claim your copies once they had been made.

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