Hawaii Arrest Records

Hawaii is a paradise of palm trees, pristine beaches and luxury hotels. It’s also a breeding ground for all types of crime, including theft, sex offenses and fraud.If you know a person who has lived in Hawaii (or whom you suspect of living in Hawaii), you can easily search through Hawaii arrest records to find all types of information about a new person in your life. You can search by name or fingerprints – but since fingerprints are usually out the question unless you’re an employer – the name of the person can be used. If you have the full name and date of birth, plus other pertinent material such as the person’s social security number, the search can proceed much faster and without complications. To search through Hawaii arrest records by mail, you’ll need to send a request and a payment of $30 to:

Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
Attention: CHRC Unit
465 King St., Room 102
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 587-3100

Hawaii Criminal Records




If a non-conviction arrest record is pending, the information can’t be released to the general public, but all other criminal history can be obtained. You should receive a report within seven to 10 days of the time the Justice Center receives your data. If you want to have the report notarized or certified, you must pay an additional $20 for each certificate you need. Another way to search for arrest records for any state is to engage the services of an online search site. These Internet sites have multiplied over the past years because of the increasing need to check a person’s background for employment and personal reasons. They tend to be much more accurate and up-to-date than state-based searches because the personnel are professionals and their data bases and search engines are much more powerful.

These services can search and find a vast amount of information in a short amount of time. The data is then processed into an easy to read and understand format and sent to you. Everything is confidential and you don’t have to worry about your identity being revealed. You don’t have to state a reason you want the information as you do in some states – and your payment information is encrypted, so there’s no chance of anyone knowing that you requested the search.

Fee-based, online search services have become extremely popular with legal professionals who might need information for a legal case within moments. The information also has to be accurate – no attorney wants to go before a judge with false information. Individuals also have a need for accurate background information and use these online services on a regular basis, knowing that the data they receive can help them base a decision on whether or not to accept a proposal or for other purposes. Click on the link to find out more about online search services that can provide you with accurate and timely data about a person in your life.

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