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With the advent of social networking sites, people are now more connected than they had ever been. With just one click of a button, a person from one end of the world could become friends with another at the other side of the world. Every day, thousands of new casual friendships are formed this way, and at least some of these casual friendships become serious friendships, though most are not accompanied by the years of knowing each other that would build trust between the parties. Yet, trust is something that is crucial in most friendships, and it is precisely in an attempt to build up trust that some people would resort to using background checks on the people that they interact with at a daily basis. One of the requisites of a background check would be arrest records such as Hidalgo County Arrest Records, where information regarding the person whom the records refer to could be found.

Arrest records are public records, and like all public records, they are generally available to the public at all time and regardless of the circumstance behind the request. Of course, arrest records, as public records, are also protected, but the protection is usually lifted as soon as the person making the request would comply with the required procedure to acquire the same. Arrest records are also afforded great respect when it comes to the authenticity of the records stated within them, a respect that is afforded to all public records. This simply means that the fact that something is written on the record is prima facie evidence as to the authenticity of the same. Note, however, that not every person would have an arrest record to his name.

Hidalgo County Texas Arrest Records




One of the offices where arrest records could be requested from is the district court office, specifically, their records division. The district court keeps copies of the records because the criminal past of the defendant usually has to be taken into consideration when sentencing is brought up, and, in any case, it is an effective insurance just in case something happens to the records at the other offices. A request for records at this venue would require the searcher to personally go to the records division of the district court. There, a clerk would be on hand to assist the searcher, though usually, this would be by asking the searcher to provide some information regarding the record. The answers to these questions would then be taken by the clerk and inputted to a search page utilizing the database of the office. The database should return some results that would match the criteria provided by the searcher, and from the results, the searcher would have to pick the one that he is interested in. Once this is done, the clerk would get the record, and the searcher could request that copies of the same be made. The required fee is one dollar per page to be copied.

Of course, the searcher could search for the records online using online databases. These databases are mostly unaffiliated with the government, but they do provide the same information as the various offices and agencies where these records are kept. The difference is that these databases are faster, more efficient, and more often than not, free to use, without lines. Most also provide more information given that they are connected to other databases.

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The district court record division subscribes the following procedure

  • At the records division of the district court, locate a clerk that has nothing to do.
  • Request for the assistance of the clerk.
  • Inform the clerk of your request for records and the clerk would query you regarding the records that you are interested in.
  • Using your answers, the clerk would attempt to find records that match your criteria.
  • From the results, locate the record that you are interested in and indicate the same to the clerk
  • The clerk would get the record you indicated, and once you are sure that this is the one you want, request for copies of the same.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division and claim your copies by presenting the receipt as proof of payment.

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