Jackson County Arrest Records

In the Lone Star, files on arrests and criminal convictions are kept and managed by the Division of Criminal Justice, specifically the Law Enforcement Office. This office is basically the primary source for all criminal history information in Texas state. These crucial documents are also available and obtainable through the Sheriff’s Office in the county level. For instance, Jackson County arrest records can be requested through the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The office which opens from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and is closed during major holidays.

To appeal for any arrest record in Jackson County, Texas, you can actually write your application to any of the aforementioned Texas governmental bodies. Should you wish to procure any Jackson County arrest records from the Department of Law Enforcement, completing an application form is the first step. This application form can be secure from their online portal or personally obtained from the office. Significant information that you have to indicate in the application form are the same details you need to give out when you choose to get Jackson County arrest documents from the local county Sheriff’s Office.

Jackson County Texas Arrest Records




In the form, these information must be present: the person’s complete name, date of birth, approximate age, the last known address, and social security number if you know it. As the one appealing for the arrest document, you also have to give out your personal information and whereabouts and must indicate your relationship to the person whose background you are sussing out. Now, if you yourself also have a warrant of arrest or an existing arrest document in the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, it is highly advised not to visit the office personally without hiring a defense attorney first. When you do, you might end up arrested.

In Jackson County, Texas, checking any individual’s background while utilizing law enforcement registers such as warrants, arrest records and crime reports, the fee of $9.95. This has been imposed by the Texas statute in the desire to rack up the highest level of service to better cater the needs of consumers doing records retrieval. To have your own copy of such documents, you have to pay $15 per copy of a Jackson County arrest record or criminal report. Such fees, albeit the files you appealed for are not found, will no longer be refunded, however. Also, take note that the turnaround time typically takes around days to weeks dependent on the volume of entreaties such agencies receive at the same time you file your request.

To expedite the record retrieval process, you can actually do the record search online through alternative record repositories. Online service providers make use of their own statewide database, so you can be assured of credible, reliable, and valid results. Record providers on the Web range from free to fee-based. Either way, because the transaction is made and the order is filed online, it is less costly and more convenient. Plus, you are guaranteed to receive the results of your record search right away.

Jackson County Jail Records

To access public criminal records, follow the steps provided below:

  • Create an account at the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Purchase credits through credit card (online) + additional 2.25% for convenience fee and $.50 for use fee.
  • Purchase credit through mail (credit fee + $1.25 for convenience fee).
  • Each search costs $3 and 1 credit is equivalent to one search only.

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