Kansas Arrest Records

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is in charge of recording and editing public arrest records and you can also find out background information about people with criminal records who have lived or are living in the state of Kansas. You can reach the Bureau of Investigation in Topeka, Kansas by writing to the following address:

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
1620 S.W. Tyler Street
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: (888) 317-8204

Kansas Criminal Records




If you’re searching through Kansas arrest records by name, the fee is $20. A fingerprint search is $35. It’s helpful if you’re able to provide the full (including middle name) name of the person, his or her social security number, aliases, addresses and any other data that might be pertinent in finding records for the person. Public sites that offer criminal information on offenders can provide you with the offense, full name, past addresses and whether or not the offender is on parole. When you request information on an individual, be sure to give as much data as possible to make the search easier, quicker and more accurate. Keep in mind that state-based searches may present you with inaccurate or dated information simply because of the shortage of staff and the ability to keep up with records in a timely manner. If you want to ensure the accuracy of your criminal background report, you may want to check out an online, fee-based agency. These professional search sites use powerful search engines and databases that can bypass the databases that the state uses and fan out to find the information you need. Because they can search on a wider basis, you’ll receive a report that may contain data from other states and information that you wouldn’t ordinarily receive from a state-based search.

If you have suspicions about a person who has recently entered your life, conducting a criminal background search is the best thing you can do to put your mind at ease about a person. You can’t be too careful these days about someone who seems perfectly trustworthy, but may be hiding the most heinous of criminal backgrounds. By using a professional, online site to conduct the search, you’re ensuring that your name won’t be revealed, but kept in strict confidence. Your payment information and anything else you may divulge is encrypted, so there’s virtually no chance of anyone discovering that you conducted the search. Plus, you’ll get a full report on the person’s criminal background in a matter of moments – delivered to your computer and formatted in a way that’s easy to read and understand. Many people use these search sites to look up background of neighbors who have recently moved in to the area, school teachers, coaches, a new love interest or anyone who comes in contact with you, your business or those you love.

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