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According to the Public Records Law, all records created and managed by the state public agencies are open and are therefore accessible by any member of the state who needs to as long the process of getting a hold of them is strictly followed. Records are perused for so many important reasons. One of which records are delved into is background checking. In this undertaking, records are used to shed light to crucial information in the hope of unraveling certain predicaments.

In Texas State, a fee of $9.95 is implemented for background checks utilizing arrest records and crime reports. This is done in the desire to better cater entreaties and requests for background investigations and rack up the highest level of service. Public documents are very helpful when it comes to investigating the background of pa person who is in question. The Lone Star State’s public archives include vital records, court registers, and law enforcement documents such as warrants, arrests and criminal conviction files. While vital records can be very helpful especially in genealogy researches, background investigations mostly make use of law enforcement records as these kinds of documents illustrates an individual’s run-ins with the law.

Kendall County Texas Arrest Records




In Kendall County, arrest records as well as criminal history information can be procured through several state agencies which the government has tapped: the Kendall County Sheriffs’ Office, Local Court House, Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Texas Department of Law Enforcement in the Division of Criminal Justice. To obtain such crucial information, an application must be filed and fees must be paid. For a copy of any Kendall County arrest record or criminal information, a payment of $15 must be paid. Such fee, nevertheless, is non-refundable even if the arrest document requested is not located. Thus, it would really help a lot when you provide as much exact information as you can about the record.

Significant information that you have to input as you write your application include the person’s first and last name, any known sobriquets, his or her last known address, and if you know his or her social security number, include that as well. As the one applying for the document, you also have to provide your name, address, your contact number, your relationship to the person whose record you are sussing out and the reason of the acquisition. Remember that the process may take a while as it usually depends on the volume of requests such aforementioned offices receive at the time you place your order. Typically, days to weeks will be the expected turnaround time.

To get them fast, do your record search online. Alternative record providers are already available all throughout the Web to provide consumers a more practical and cheaper way of searching for important records. Because the transaction is done online through a computer or any smart device, you can just do the record search in the comfort of your own home, anytime you wish to. Plus, you are ensured to get the results as fast as minutes.

Kendall County Jail Records

To get ahold of Kendall County arrest registers, you can visit the following agencies:

  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Local Court House
  • Department of Law Enforcement
  • Department of Public Safety

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