Kentucky Arrest Records

In the past, a person could only access Kentucky arrest records by getting an attorney. Thanks to a wide demand for background information on people who could be potentially harmful to your life, business or a loved one’s life, citizens now have access to state databases. You’ll need to provide accurate information for the search and make sure you’re requesting the information from the proper source. There may be a small fee ($10 per copy in Kentucky). If you’re requesting by mail, apply to the following address:

Administrative Office of the Courts
100 Millcreek Park
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (800) 928-6381

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A caveat about the arrest record information you’ll receive from this department is that you’ll only be able to see title and numbers for the case(s) involved. Other information will have to be obtained from the court that tried the case. Thanks to the Internet, you can also access arrest records from any state by securing the services of an online search site. These sites have developed into powerful resources and advocates for people needing to find data on persons in their lives or businesses. Databases available to these search sites contain mountains of public information, plus information that isn’t usually accessed by the public. You can perform the search at your convenience and can be sure that it’s accurate and up to date – unlike information obtained from state government sources.

Sometimes it takes state officials an inordinate amount of time to record information. Online search sites make sure that the data they have is recorded on their own sites, even though it may not as yet be public information. Nicknames and aliases might get in the way of you receiving the correct data about an individual, but professional sites have trackers that can narrow the information and zero in on what you’re looking for.

One reason that people are searching through arrest records is to find genealogy information. Arrest records can contain vital information about your family background, such as former addresses, aliases, spouses and children and can provide a stepping stone for you to look for further information in vital records. There are other reasons that reflect our society today. The fact that there are predators and those that would commit fraud against us is also a reason why we can’t be too careful about people we let into our lives – even if they were introduced to us by people we love and respect. Some of these con-artists have make a study of defrauding people out of life savings, possessions and making light of emotions. It’s perfectly legal to search through criminal records and take a quick look through someone’s background. Not only will it give you peace of mind – it may save you or a loved one from disaster. Click on the link to see how simple it is to search through Kentucky arrest records and get the information you need to make an educated decision about a person in your life.

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