Limestone County Arrest Records

Because legal records illustrate what exactly happened in a certain important life event, they are comprehensive and informative enough; thus, they are requested often as they can be very beneficial in a lot of things. Some of the reasons why legal records are deemed helpful include claiming insurance benefits, migrating from one country to another, enrolling in schools, marrying and divorcing someone, criminal background investigations and researches regarding genealogy. Fortunately, these records are accessible by anyone in Texas since its government has implemented rules that provide a mechanism for everyone in the state to inspect and even reproduce these documents, and access them through designated state agencies.

Texas, like other states in America, also exercises a kind of Public Records Law. In the Lone Star State, they have what they refer to as the Texas Government Code in which the Public Information Act is a part of. Such act, which is previously called the Open Records Act, entitles Texans with the right to access, review and inspect all state archives that are considered public. Through this Act, anyone requesting for whatsoever records is granted with the right to access registers tracked and archived by any Texas public agency so long as the document requested is not deemed confidential or protected under the state’s statute.

Limestone County Texas Arrest Records




Arrest and criminal documents, should you need them, are available at and accessible through designated law enforcement offices. The downside, however, is that the whole acquisition process is quite arduous and time-consuming. Part of such process includes making a formal request, filling out some forms, paying for processing fees, and waiting for several days to weeks for records you requested. Although the manual way of obtaining these information for background examination or whatsoever legitimate reasons is quite tedious, some still prefer the old method for personal reasons. For many, nevertheless, it is now time to welcome the new age and use the information that is provided by the Internet nowadays.

Should you need to get a hold of Limestone County arrest records, whether through the conventional or the contemporary method, a fee of $9.95 is required. This payment is for when a background check is performed while utilizing such documents. Arrest records and warrants are available at the Limestone County Sheriffs’ Office. Should you need more information about what that person might have done before, like you want to know if he or she has had an encounter with the law enforcement before, a Criminal Record History Information which is illustrates all crimes perpetrated by an individual as well its surrounding details. This is available at the Department of Law Enforcement for a payment of $15.

With today’s technological innovations and the birth of the Internet, every transaction can now be done easily and quickly. This implies that with an Internet and a computer handy or any smart device, you could already conduct an arrest record search in the comfort of your own at home. Indeed, technology has paved way to a much better means of doing transactions as compared to how transactions and services were done in the days of yore.

Limestone County Jail Records

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office consists of the following divisions:

  • Patrol Division
  • Communications Division
  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Jail Division
  • Clerical

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