Madison County Arrest Records

Try to imagine the situations you might have to encounter and deal with when you forget to fully know the background of the individual you are establishing a relationship with. Without an adequate idea about who that person really is and what he or she is capable of doing, it can really be dangerous. People nowadays, criminals specifically, are so innovative and creative with their schemes and ploys that even before getting into the bottom of it, your life or your loved one’s life is already compromised. Upshots to incautious decisions are unfortunately incorrigible.

Hence, being extra wise and prudent is paramount. Crimes occur almost every day; and the sad truth is that, no one is impervious; crimes can attack anyone irrelevant of religion, gender, race let alone the social status. Although some perpetrators may have already lived a reformed life, some are still running amok. This is why the Texas government reckons that by making records open to the general public, they can somehow empower their citizens for their own protection against untoward incidences brought about by the illicit doings of these crooks.

Madison County Texas Arrest Records




Most records in Texas are public; this is in pursuant to the Public Records Law and this means that because these documents are indeed revelatory, they can be used by any member of the general public who needs to especially in the desire to investigate on someone’s criminal background. As a matter of fact, there are no restrictions implemented as to who are only allowed to have access to such crucial information provided that the protocol of accessing them is properly adhered to.

In the desire of unraveling predicaments about a person’s shady past, resisters such as warrants, arrest documents, and crime reports are mostly delved into and requested very often. This is because these files indicate any misdemeanor or felony committed by such person, if there is any, as well as the particulars surrounding the case. If you are in Madison County, you can request for Madison County arrest records through the Sheriff’s Office for a processing fee of $9.95. To get a hold of a copy of a Criminal History Record Information, you can pay a visit to the Law Enforcement Office, Division of Criminal Justice and pay the processing fee of $15. Just do not forget that these fees, regardless if the arrest record or the criminal report you applied for is not found, will not be returned or refunded as the money you paid will retain to be payment for the search done.

The processing time, unfortunately, may take a while as these governmental bodies get a lot of orders for legal records and legal requests in a single day. Ergo, deferral can really be expected. To expedite the process and obtain the records faster, you can actually resort to alternative service providers unless you would want to wait for weeks to get the documents you need. Online record repositories proffer a reliable, faster, and a hassle-free transaction for cheaper fee to no fee at all.

Madison County Jail Records

There are different categories of arrest records and warrants depending upon the severity of the crime. Some of the offenses for which criminal record categories exist in Madison County include:

  • Probation violators
  • Justice of peace and DA’s most wanted
  • Most wanted sex offenders
  • Misdemeanor warrants
  • Felony warrants
  • Bench warrants
  • Alias warrants
  • Child support evader warrants

Additional details on how to conduct criminal background investigations in Madison County through arrest and jail records can be obtained from:

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