Maine Arrest Records

Each state has its own methods of retrieving criminal records. In Maine, arrest records are kept at the Bureau of Identification and you can request a background check on an individual by writing to:

Maine Bureau of Identification
42 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0042
Phone: (207) 624-7240

You don’t have to sign a release, but you’ll only receive misdemeanor and felony arrest records that have resulted in convictions. You’ll need to enclose a fee of $31 – add $10 for notarized reports. It could take two weeks if the search can’t be done by only a computer and the staff has to resort to a manual search. Legal professionals have a constant need to look up and use criminal justice records, but most of the time they utilize the services of professional online search services so they can be assured of quick and accurate results. For a reasonable fee, you can request a criminal records search by entering basic information about a person in question and receive the results usually in a matter of moments. You don’t need to reveal your identity or why you want the records search. And, if nothing is revealed about the person(s), you pay nothing. State searches usually don’t refund fees, even if no records are revealed.

Maine Criminal Records




There are many reasons why you might want to search for criminal records of someone in your life. Legal searches are the main reasons, but you may need information about a new love interest in yours or a loved one’s life.

Or, you might be considering someone to watch your home or children while you’re away on a trip. No matter how great a person’s resume might seem you need to get the real scoop on their backgrounds by using a search service to possibly find arrest records that could reveal much about the person’s past. You may want to search your own background for immigration or education purposes, to clear up misunderstandings or to help in an adoption process. Online, professional search services have become popular methods of searching through a person’s background because of the powerful search tactics they use to find information. Search engines and databases are extremely more powerful than state-based search services and you can be assured of the accuracy and up-to-date data of the report. Today, you can’t be too careful about the accuracy of a background search. Choosing one method over the other might mean that you’re missing valuable data about a person that could make a decision much easier. Click on the link to find out more about how to search through Maine arrest records (or any state’s records) to discover valuable background information on an individual.

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