Maryland Arrest Records

Searching for Maryland arrest records can be confusing. State laws give the public the right to access records, but federal laws (and some state laws) have exceptions to which information you can have for your own use. Some of this restricted information can be bypassed if you register with the state – for example, if you are a member of the judicial system and need the data for business reasons. The scope of information you might receive from a state-based search could be minimal. Included will be the name, city, state date of birth and trial date, the nature of the charge and how the charge was settle. Also consider that the reliability of data received from a state-based, electronic search might not contain the same information as in the official file. For further information, you can contact the Maryland Department of Public Safety at the following address or phone number:

Maryland Department of Public Safety
CJIS – Central Repository
6776 Reisterstown Rd., Ste. 102
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (410) 764-4501

Maryland Criminal Records




There is a fee of $20 for each copy of an arrest record and you may need to state who you are and why you want the information. You may want to sign up for a monthly membership if you own a business and have need to check on individuals whom you want to check in with. Another way to run a search through Maryland arrest records is to pay a small, reasonable fee to an online search service that’s set up to perform searches through vital records. The search will be confidential and you’ll receive a full and accurate report within minutes of submitting the information. When states perform an arrest record search, the fee is non-refundable, but most professional online search services offer a refund if they find no records of crime.

Professional online search services use powerful and up-to-date databases that can quickly find the information you requested. Then, a report is generated and delivered to your home or office computer. The report is easy to read and understand and you can be sure of the accuracy of the data. The search engines plow through the information, extracting the exact data you need on an individual’s Maryland arrest records. Many legal professionals use these services on a regular basis and rely on the precision they provide.

You may want to sign up for a monthly membership if you own a business and have need to check prospective employee’s backgrounds on a daily or weekly basis. But, you can pay a one-time fee if that’s all the information you need. Simply click on the link and you’ll see how easy it is to begin an arrest record search about anyone who has recently entered your life.

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