Massachusetts Arrest Records

Crime is so rampant in Massachusetts and other states that the arrest records filed until present day are in the millions. Massachusetts registers its criminal offenders with its Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) and they, in turn, provide criminal records to agencies and individuals in the public accordingly. The state attempts to update the records on a regular, daily basis and doesn’t require a signed form to release the records, however there is a form you must complete and send with a check or money order for the fee. Fees vary from $25 for a notarized certification to $42 for individuals wanting a more extensive search. To search for Massachusetts arrest records, contact the DCJIS, send the form and fee to:

Dept. of Criminal Justice Information Services
200 Arlington St., Ste., 2200
Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: (617) 660-4600

Massachusetts Criminal Records




If the criminal record you requested needs to be manually processed, expect a delay in receiving the information. And, if the criminal records of the individual you requested extend out of state, you must contact that state’s government office to request it. The DCJIS doesn’t process records out of the state of Massachusetts.

Private, online data searches are much more practical and there’s not as much hassle to get the job done. Rather than a long form to fill out, all you have to do is enter some information online about the person whose records you’re searching for. There will be a fee for the search and your payment information is encrypted and kept totally confidential. Entering as much data as possible about the person helps the search. For example, if you know the full name, address, gender, race and birth date of the person, offer that as extra help. If you don’t, simply enter as much information as you have and the professional search service uses its powerful search engines to fan out and gather data that will lead to the right person. If they don’t find a Massachusetts arrest record, you don’t pay a fee. Search results are guaranteed.

Many users of these online search services inquire about arrest records to make sure someone they know is who they say they are. Or, you or a loved one may be into a business situation where someone will have access to your financial records and it’s imperative to know the person’s background. A popular background search is from those who want to reveal the background of a person or persons who are going to take care of their children. You’ll want to know if that person has ever been arrested for sexual offences or molestation of a child. Don’t leave your future to chance. Click on the link now to find out more about these search sites if you need to know more about Massachusetts arrest records.

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