Michigan Arrest Records

Eventually, you may have a need to search a person’s background for information that will help you make a decision in your life. It could be making a decision about a person who has recently entered your life or about someone you’re thinking of choosing as a business partner. Each state maintains its own arrest records and the methods you can use to access them may vary from state to state. For example, if you have the need to search through Michigan arrest records, you can use a name search or search by fingerprints. Fingerprints are only searched if a federal, executive order or state official requests it, so if you’re an ordinary citizen, you’ll need to search by providing a name and some other details about the person. For more information or to request a copy of a Michigan arrest record by mail, use the following address and phone number to contact Police headquarters directly:

Michigan State Police Headquarters
714 South Harrison Rd.
East Lansing, Michigan 48823
(517) 332-2521

Criminal Records




Arrest records can be a vital source of information for your background searches. In today’s transient society and one that’s full of fraud and scams, you can’t be too careful about whom you let in to your life – or the life of a loved one. Serious crimes such as murders, misdemeanors and assault are recorded as is facts about the case. You can find out if the person in question was incarcerated or if the charges were dropped, if there was a plea bargain or if the person still has outstanding warrants for his or her arrest.

Another way to search through Michigan arrest records is to find an online search service, let them do the work and send you the information in the privacy of your own home. When you research online services, make sure they are reputable and that they refund the price of the search if nothing is revealed. Most online services employ professionals who compile and present the information in a concise manner that you can easily understand. The problem with searching through legal and police records on your own is that you might not understand some of the terms used.

It can be easy to pass over data that would be valuable to you or to put more emphasis on information that isn’t pertinent. An online search service can also provide you with more information, such as letting you know if a person has been convicted or accused of sexual offenses against children, addresses, previous phone numbers and previous criminal history. This is possible because of the immense databases they use to conduct their searches. These search engines don’t stop at public arrest records – they have the power to search far beyond. Such online search sites can also provide information about medical records, insurance data, financial information and driving records. There is almost no end to the valuable information you might receive from a fee-based, online search service.

If you have a need to search the background of a person in your life – or in someone else’s life, click on the link and find out how easy it is to begin a search through Michigan arrest records. It could save your life or the life of someone you love.

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