Midland County Arrest Records

The general open policy of government means that almost everything that would be done by the government would have a corresponding record to it. These records are usually used by government offices that have supervisory powers over the agencies that made these records as these records contain indication of whether or not the proper procedures had been followed, and nowhere is this more important in the field of criminal justice. Midland County Arrest Records contain criminal information that are used during the appellate process, but over the course of the past few decades, arrest records, which are public records and are therefore available to the public, have been requested, and are being requested, by civilians and private people in their private capacity. This is because arrest records contain information that are crucial in the everyday lives of these people, information that would not be usually seen, because people tend to hide facts about themselves that would cast them at a bad light, at first glance.

Arrest records are almost synonymous with criminal records, though the latter is a broader concept. Note that not every person would have an arrest record into his or her name as only people who had been arrested before would have arrest records. These records are public records, which mean that aside from the fact that they are available to the public after following a relatively simple procedure, these records are respected when it comes to the authenticity, not only of the record itself, but also the contents of the same. Simply put, a person who would allege that the information contained within the records are false, would have to prove that the facts are indeed false, often by presenting the same document, albeit with different information contained within. It would be up to a competent authority to determine which record is saying the truth.

Midland County Texas Arrest Records




Arrest records may be obtained from a number of offices, and one of the offices where arrest records could be obtained is the office of the county clerk. The county clerk is the official recorder of the county, and as such, every public record within the borders of the county, or at least copies thereof, are sent to the office to be filed. A search at the archives of the county clerk would require the searcher to personally ask permission from the county clerk. As a matter of policy, permission is almost always given, and once permission is given, the searcher is best advised to ask for assistance from a member of the staff. Presumably, this would expedite the search. The actual search for the records would have to be done by the searcher, though this may take some time given the sheer volume of records. Nevertheless, once the records had been located, the searcher could ask for copies of the same from the records keeper. The copying fee is one dollar per page of the record, plus two dollars per document for certification.

For those who have neither the time nor the inclination to go to the county clerk office, the best method would be to search online using online databases. Providing the same information as government offices and databases, these databases nevertheless provide almost instant information through their more efficient search database. Most of these databases also do not charge anything for the use of their search method. As with all internet searches, using these databases could be done from the comforts of the home of the user.

Midland County Jail Records

The procedure to follow at the county clerk office is provided below

  • Head over to the office of the county clerk and ask permission to search the archives.
  • Once permission is given, ask a member of the staff to assist you in your search.
  • Search the archives. Presumably, this would be the longest part of the procedure.
  • Once the records that you are interested in had been located, bring the same to the desk of the records keeper and request that copies be made for you.
  • Pay the required copying and certification fee and wait for the copies to be made and certified.
  • Claim your copies of the records.

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