Missouri Arrest Records

The Missouri Sunshine Law makes it possible for anyone to search through criminal records. There are exceptions to the law, however. For example, you can’t access juvenile criminal records. Most others are available to the public when you provide the information for the search, such as the full name, county where the arrest took place, the name of the police offer who made the arrest and the date the person was arrested. If you don’t provide all of this data, the search could take longer. To request copies of Missouri arrest records by mail, the address is:

Missouri State Highway Patrol
CJIS Division
P.O. Box 9500
Jefferson City, MO 65102-9500
Phone: (573) 526-6153 or (573) 526-6154

Missouri Criminal Records




It’s a good feeling to know that you took precautions to protect your business, yourself or a loved one from predators, and searching through arrest records can give you the information you need to either keep that person in your life or make sure he or she doesn’t threaten your happiness or well-being. If you find nothing, there is peace of mind knowing that you can proceed with the plan. You may be thinking about employing a person for your business that will have access to your financial records or about hiring a nanny or babysitter for your children. A quick search through a state’s arrest records can reveal information that will help make that decision easier. You can’t be too careful today who you let in to your life or the life of a loved one. Our society is transient and very few people really take the time to know their neighbors anymore. Headlines of the media shout at us every day about well-meaning people who try to help someone or let someone into their lives who seemed so nice and helpful – and they’re “shocked” when that person does something to harm them – whether physically, mentally, financially or emotionally.

There are online professional search sites that can help you search through Missouri arrest records quickly and provide you with accurate and concise information that can help you discover who and what a person really is and does it coincide with what he told you. Arrest record search sites use powerful techniques such as search engines and extensive databases that states don’t have. And, they employ professionals who can translate the data that’s received into a document that you can understand. Sometimes, police and legal records are difficult to understand. These search sites take the guessing out of reading the report on the person in question. Fees are reasonable and the turnaround time is usually fast unless the information provided for the search is sketchy.

Usually, you’ll receive the report on your own computer in a matter of minutes. Click on the link to get more information about online services that can search through Missouri arrest records for you.

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