Montana Arrest Records

Montana arrest records can be obtained from the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation. They maintain criminal records and fingerprint records and also record information to the Sex Offender Registry. Reports from criminal agencies are received by the department daily and you can request a record search by downloading an application, fill it out and then send to:

Montana Division of Criminal Investigation
2225 11th Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-0151
Phone: (406) 444-3874

Montana Criminal Records




Name and fingerprint searches can be obtained through this department and are $10 per search. Include a check or money order in your application for the fee. Although records are updated on a daily basis, some criminal records may be expunged (deleted) from the files if requested by the offender. Also be aware that some of the information may be erroneous or attributed to someone else. If you want to ensure that the data you receive is up to date and as thorough as it can be, check out the online search services that charge a reasonable fee for a one time search. Many legal professionals who need the services on a daily basis maintain a membership with these sites for unlimited use, but if you only have need for one search, you can also pay a onetime fee. If nothing is found on the person’s name you submit, you pay nothing. Plus, all of your information is kept on a confidential basis and no one will ever know who requested the search. The report from a professional, online site is delivered to your email address and you can read it in the privacy of your own home or office. Reports from an online search service tend to be more accurate than a state-based search, mainly because their databases and search engines are so powerful and the data is deciphered in a way that a lay-person can understand. You’ll be able to make a decision about a person who has entered your life or wants to be a part of your business because of the information you’ll receive in the report.

No one wants to suspect a person of foul play or a less than honorable past, but these days we all must beware that there really are wolves in sheep’s clothing, ready to pounce on your money, your emotions or anything else that you cherish and that could benefit them. The best way to ward off these stalkers and dishonest people is to check out their backgrounds in a discreet, but informational way. Our society today is so transient that we don’t always know who our neighbors are or where the teachers and coaches in our schools come from. They may have an undesirable background that could be dangerous to your children – and the only way you’ll know what you’re dealing with is to conduct a background check. Click on the link to discover how you can take advantage of these online search services to check through Montana arrest records and other states’ records.

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