New Mexico Arrest Records

Now that most states offer public information about arrest records, it’s become a common practice to check possible criminal backgrounds of individuals whom you are letting into your loved ones. New Mexico arrest records are kept at the New Mexico State Central Repository for Criminal History and may contain felons, misdemeanors and DWI records as well as sex offenders and child molesters. To access the information, you’ll need to first download a form that’s required in order for New Mexico to release the records. The form contains an area where you need to reveal who you are – and you must have it notarized before sending to:

New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety
P.O. Box 1628
Santa Fe, NM 87504
Phone: (505) 827-9181

New Mexico Criminal Records




You’ll also need to include a fee with the form of $12 signed to the New Mexico Dept. of Safety. Don’t send cash – instead, sent a certified check or money order. Keep in mind that arrest records change at a rapid pace, and that the information you receive from the state might be out-of-date. Since there are so many requests and a staff shortage in most state government agencies, you may also receive inaccurate data in your search. Accuracy of the report is likely foremost in your mind when you’re searching through arrest records, so you might want to use a professional, online, fee-based search site to do the job for you. When you use one of these online sites, you don’t have to worry about revealing information about yourself. If you pay by credit or debit card, that information will be encrypted, insuring that no one outside the service will ever know who was searching for the data. You can also be assured that you’ll receive accurate and up-to-date information because of the vast databases and wide reaching search engines when you use a reputable, fee-based online search site.

Because of today’s waves of crime, including fraud, sex offences, murder and larceny, you can’t be too careless when you meet a new person or trust a person with your loved ones, money or property. Criminal background checks are imperative if you want to set your mind at ease. Even if you think you know a person, they may be living a shady life and those around you might not know his or her full background. When you use a professional, online search service, you’ll know that you’re getting complete and accurate data, and it will be presented in report form in a format that you can easily read and comprehend. These professionals know what they’re doing, and their sites are set up to make searching the criminal background of individuals easy and complete. All you need to submit (online) are the full name of the person and any other information you might know that would make the search go more smoothly. If you have the person’s date of birth, race, gender, weight, hair color and other information, the search engine can narrow down the data quickly. Even if you only have a name, you’ll likely receive a report within moments.

Don’t leave your life or your business future to chance. New Mexico arrest records are available by clicking on the link and learning how you can check out a person in question.

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