New York Arrest Records

New York is a populous state with thousands of arrest records filed each year. It’s a daunting task to search through New York arrest records for information that you might need to check a person’s background for personal reasons. New York’s code of rules and regulations only lets a person and/or his attorney to search criminal history that pertains to him. The criminal justice system doesn’t let ordinary citizens look for information to determine whether or not a person has a criminal history unless you have a contract with the justice system. However, you can get a copy of conviction records of sex offenders at New York’s Sex Offender Registry. In addition, you can search for a minimal amount of information on various level offenders through the following address and phone number:

New York City Police Department
Criminal Records Section – Verification Unit
1 Police Plaza
Room 300
New York, NY 10038
Phone: (800) 262-3257

New York Criminal Records




Sometimes, it’s a real headache to go through a state’s arrest record department to search for a person’s background information. Another method you might want to try is a fee-based, online search service run by professionals. You can obtain records from their powerful databases and a report that is accurate by choosing a reputable online search service, paying a reasonable fee and submitting information about the person. Any information you submit about yourself (credit card, for example) is encrypted and strictly confidential. It’s a great way to obtain information without having to go through the hassles and time-consuming effort of dealing with the state. You can choose to become a monthly member of a search site if you are a legal professional who might have need to search on a regular basis – or choose to implement a one-time search. If no information is found, you are charged nothing.

If you encounter someone who has lived in New York and has come into your life as a love interest or for some other aspect that directly affects your family, you owe it to yourself and your family to search background records. If nothing is revealed, you can proceed with a clear mind and feel more at ease. If red flags appear in the report, you can take measures to remove that person from your life. You have every right to protect yourself from possible predators, fraud and even danger to yourself or your family by searching through New York arrest records. This method to reveal information about a person’s background has become a normal quest in today’s world of crime and deceit.

Now, the Internet makes it easy to find all sorts of information you need for research, social interaction and generally keeping in touch with others. Why not go one step further and use it to set your mind at ease about a new person in your life? Searching through New York arrest records can make a difference in your life if someone you know is hiding his or her background information. Click on the link and find out how you can take advantage of the information that a professional, online search service can reveal.

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