North Carolina Arrest Records

You can search through North Carolina arrest records yourself through an online site or request a copy of an arrest record. Much of the information on these arrest records can’t be accessed or could be severely limited and in some cases you might not receive the information you need. The North Carolina Department of Corrections System can provide more information about the various agencies that offer arrest record information. Their mailing address and phone number are:

Public Information Office
MSC 4202
Raleigh, NC 27699-4202
Phone: (919) 716-3700

North Carolina Criminal Records




Arrest records searches are valuable tools in checking on a person’s background and can set your mind at ease if you’re skeptical about a new person in yours or a loved one’s life. As you can imagine, the databases containing arrest records for each state are vast and it can be quite a chore to search through them on your own and making sure the information you reveal is accurate and complete. The search results may contain information about persons with the same name, so you would need to narrow the search data to reveal which person is the one you need to know about. If you make a request through the North Carolina Corrections system, you’ll have to fill out a form listing your search criteria and send it along with a fee of $25 for each copy. The results you’ll receive will only be those listed in public records, available to anyone.

Some reasons why you might want to search through North Carolina arrest records are:
– Background search for legal purposes.
– Background search on a new person in your life.
– Searching information on family genealogy.
– Background on a person who may be renting a space or home from you.
– Background on a person who is just moved in

There may be many other reasons that you can think of to search through North Carolina Criminal records. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time searching through the records is you’re performing the search yourself – or, if going through the state, it may take a while and may not produce the data you need. One of the best ways to bypass the hassle of going through the state or searching through arrest records yourself is to secure a professional, online search site that can find the information you need in a matter of minutes and deliver it to you on your own computer.

You’ll be charged a reasonable fee for a one-time search or you can become a member like some companies and legal professionals who use the services several times per month. It’s up to you. You can also be assured that the information you receive will be accurate and up to date. If the site finds no information, you won’t be charged.
To find out more about professional online search sites that can search through North Carolina arrest records for you and save you lots of time and hassle of doing the job yourself, click on the link.

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