Ohio Arrest Records

The Ohio arrest records have been made available for up to these days because they are relevant in maintaining peace and order in the commmunity. Today, they serve as a tool to perform checks and balances for the benefit of the general public. Now, crime is so rampant and people are so transient that ordinary citizens are checking out backgrounds of those who enter their lives to see if they’re really who they say they are. In Ohio, the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation division, through the Ohio Attorney General’s office, keeps records of criminal history. If you have need to research a person’s record through Ohio arrest records, you can contact them through mail or phone at:

Ohio BCI &I
30 East Broad Street, 17th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (800) 282-0515

Ohio Criminal Records




Ohio is one of the most difficult states for a citizen to research arrest records. State law commands that anyone requesting information about an arrest (other than personal records) be a type of law enforcement agency. But, thanks to the Internet, you can conveniently use the services of a professional online service to find the information you need. These services maintain reliable and extensive databases to search through thousands of arrest records in a minimal amount of time to extract the exact data you need to make a decision about someone in your life. You might want information on a new neighbor because you can’t be too careful about sex offenders moving into your neighborhood. You have a right to know about that person’s past to protect yourself and your family. A new love interest is another reason to check out a person’s criminal background. It could be either for yourself or for a family member or friend. Even if no detrimental information is discovered, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that the individual is who he says he is.

All you have to do to use one of these professional online services is to go to the site and enter as much information as you have on the person in question. A reasonable fee is required, but rest assured that your credit card and other information will remain strictly confidential. And, if no information is found on the person, you don’t pay a dime. After you submit the data, it usually takes only a few minutes for a report to appear on your computer. You can then read the report in the privacy of your own home or office space. It’s a convenient way to discover information about someone in your life whom you would never suspected of having a criminal background. Then, you’re much more able to make an educated decision about keeping that person in your life. You simply can’t be too cautious about letting new people into your business or your personal life. Today, crime and fraud is on the rise, and we can’t ignore the fact that there are criminals in sheep’s clothing that would do us harm.

To find out more about how you can use the professional services of an online search site to find information from Ohio arrest records, click on the link. The report you receive will be comprehensive, easy to read and might contain the information you need to make a decision about a person in your life.

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