Oklahoma Arrest Records

There are many ways to obtain Oklahoma arrest records. One way is to request information from:
Oklahoma Criminal History Record Information Request
6600 North Harvey Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Phone: (405) 848-6724

To facilitate your search, you’ll need to send a Criminal History Request form (available online) at the above address. In Oklahoma, you can search by a name or fingerprint method. You’ll need to request the fingerprint cards from the Criminal History Record Department. Otherwise, fill out the form – which includes information about the subject such as full name, aliases, date of birth, race, sex and social security number if known. Oklahoma does charge a fee of $15 for a name search and $19 for a fingerprint search. The fee is small for the information you might glean from a search through Oklahoma arrest records. It could reveal sex and violent crime offenders, identification fraud and other actions of perpetrators, including incarcerations.

Oklahoma Criminal Records




Today, it’s so important to know the background of anyone who is entering your business or personal life. Since the Internet, it has become increasingly easy and less time-consuming to find information about people you may question for whatever reason. Families are using arrest records searches to reveal information about a prospective bride, groom, or even friends. Business have long had the need to check a person’s background before letting them become involved with sensitive issues and money.

Professional, online arrest record search sites have popped up on the Internet and have perfected the “art of the search,” so that you can quickly and easily get your information without having to reveal your identity or a reason why you’re requesting it. Professional services can provide anonymity and quick access to the information you’re searching for. Legal professionals tend to become members of these sites because of the ease in searching for the mounds of information they might need for law cases. But, you can perform a one-time search on an individual by paying a very reasonable fee, entering as much information as you have about the person in question and then submitting the information to the service. They’ll usually return a full report to you in moments – and you can be sure it’s accurate. You can read it in the privacy of your own home or office and no one will know that you requested it.

There’s no more assuming that a person is honest and forthright because of where they live, what type of car they drive, school they attended or family they’re from. Background searches are essential tools to help you gain peace of mind about your decision to let a person into your life. Click on the link to find out more about how you can use an online search site to search through Oklahoma arrest records – or those in any state.

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