Oregon Arrest Records

Oregon is one of many states where you can search through public records to obtain criminal background checks about people you want to gather more information about before you let them have access to your loved ones, your business or other aspects of your life. If you’re a person who committed a crime and want to expunge or correct information on an arrest record, you can also use this service to obtain records. The Oregon Department of Human Services both records and conducts search requests for individuals. If you want a state-based search performed to find Oregon arrest records, begin by downloading and filling out the Oregon Background Check Request form. Be sure you fill out the entire form or they may refuse the search. Include a $10 certified check or money order and send to:

The Dept. of Human Services
Background Check Unit
P.O. Box 14870
Salem, OR 97309
Phone: (503) 378-5470

Oregon Criminal Records




This helpful department in Oregon can help reveal sex offenders, committers of fraud or even those who may have a misdemeanor or felony record. Be sure that you include some information on the form that will help them narrow down the search and ensure its accuracy such as date of birth, weight, full name, gender eye color, hair color and social security number if possible. Any and all information that you can provide will help the department find useful and factual data. However, the turnover in record information is so great that complete accuracy can’t possibly be a sure thing. One way to make sure that the report you receive is as accurate and up to date as possible is to secure the services of a professional, online, fee-based search service. These services usually have much more powerful search engines and databases than state-based organizations and can gather the information within moments and send it to you immediately. A state-based search in Oregon might take from 7 to 10 business days.

Running a criminal background search on a person can be invaluable to you when making a decision about an individual who wants to join your business or become a part of your personal life. Child molestation charges, fraud and many other crimes might be revealed as a result of your search. If nothing is found on the person whose name you submitted, an online search service will charge you nothing. No matter why you want to conduct a search on a person in your life, the information you receive will either relieve your fears or help you to take steps to extricate that person out of your life. A report from a professional online service is easy to understand, and you won’t have any doubts about the information you receive. In today’s world, we can’t be too careful about people who enter our lives for whatever reason. Click on the link to find out more about professional, online search sites.

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