Public Arrest Records

Arrest records are now available online for searches by the general public. These public arrest records provide details about a person who may have committed a crime in a certain state or country and information that might prove invaluable to you if you’re an employer or have concerns about a new person in yours or a loved one’s life. It’s relatively simple to find a site in your state or country that offers free public arrest records searches. Finding what you need is a whole other matter. If you’re not familiar with court cases, legal terms and other ways that the courts conduct business, you might prefer to use a fee-based site.

Fee-based arrest record search sites use vast databases and powerful search engines that go beyond what’s offered in public search sites. On most public search sites, you’ll need to know the full name of the person and the county in which the criminal trial took place or where legal papers were filed. A professional, fee-based search service will have the means to search larger areas and gather much more information than you would on your own.

Free Public Arrest Records




There are many reasons why you might need to access arrest records, including:
Revealing criminal background, if any.
Records of inmate activity.
Outstanding warrants for the person’s arrest.
Possible charges from businesses where the person has worked.
History of addresses, marriages, divorces and phone numbers.
Sex offenders.
Relatives and associates of person(s) in question.

So much can be discovered in a simple public arrest records search that it’s almost imperative that you check out the background of any person who enters your life or the proximity of your business. Many people today simply don’t tell the truth about their backgrounds – especially if there are criminal records. You, a loved one or your business can be scammed and it may take years to recover from the devastation. Searching through arrest records isn’t devious or untruthful – it’s simply a way of protecting yourself from the possible havoc that a scam artist can bring into your life.

When you use a professional, fee-based, online service to perform the arrest record search, you’ll receive a comprehensive report about the person or persons and it will be in language you can understand – not presented in “legalese” like most court records are worded in. Your identity will never be revealed and you can read the report in the privacy of your home or office. Usually, you’ll have the arrest record report in a matter of moments, rather than the days or weeks it takes to request one from a county or state through the mail. And, if you choose to search through public arrest records by yourself, it may take hours of poring over records to make sure you have the right person and that you can understand the court records.

Many online arrest record search sites will give you the opportunity to join as a member and have access to as many records as you need on a monthly basis for a very reasonable fee. If you’re performing a one-time search for a person of interest, you can simply pay a fee and perform that search only. Legal professionals usually join as members of a site because of the constant need to find arrest records for a client or for information about a case. Search online for a fee-based service that can help you find arrest records and put your mind at ease about a person or persons in your life.

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