South Dakota Arrest Records

Because of the popularity and ease of using the Internet, you can now search through arrest records to find criminal background information about someone you might suspect of having a shady past. You can’t be too careless these days about letting someone have access to loved ones or to your business operations – there are too many instances of crime and fraud. If the person or persons you suspect have lived or are living in South Dakota, you can apply to the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation at:

Criminal Justice Division
Identification Section
1302 East Hwy 14, Ste. 5
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: (605) 773-3331

South Dakota Criminal Records




You’ll also need to provide a credit or debit card to cover the payment of a $15 fee for each person’s search requests. The state of South Dakota also searches through a sex offender registry – a database of sex offenders who are registered and live in the state. Provide the full name of the person whose criminal background you want searched, plus the name of the city or county in which they reside or did reside. If you have any other pertinent information such as date of birth, gender, race and social security number, provide that too since it helps narrow the search and protects against inaccuracy in the report. South Dakota and other states work hard to ensure accuracy of the information they file, but most states are shorthanded because of cuts in staff and the overwhelming amount of data to record. The time it takes to receive a report from South Dakota arrest records may also be a detriment. You can also search through a state’s arrest records by finding a reputable, online search service to do the job for you. All you need to do is enter as much information as you have about the person in question and pay a reasonable fee online. It usually takes a matter of moments to get the report on your home or office computer, and your payment information remains strictly confidential. No one will know that it was you who made the request for criminal background data.

Even though the government agencies try to protect us from fraud and deceit, we sometimes have to do our own detective work to get the real scoop about someone in our lives. No matter how nice or above board a person seems, a background check might reveal information that will help you make a decision about having that person around yourself or your family. Today, it’s difficult to trust anyone completely. We have a transient society that lets criminals hide their pasts and move on easily to the next victim. Find out how an online, fee-based search service can help you find South Dakota arrest records by clicking on the link.

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