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Records have existed since the time that writing was first invented. Even ancient man was aware of the importance of these records, because well kept records would survive even the destruction of a civilization and could, theoretically, be used by future civilizations to know about the civilization that made the records. Of course, records have other uses aside from posterity, and one of those uses is the reason why records are made in the first place, to inform. Travis County Arrest Records, like all other arrest records, inform the person perusing the record of the criminal history of the person whom the records refer to. It is thus easy to see how important these records are, for business owners contemplating hiring the person whom the recorder refer to, for banks where the person referred to had applied for credit, even for the neighbors of said person who want to be assured that the person whom the records refer to is not likely to commit a crime against themselves or their children.

Arrest records are public records, and this usually means that the records are available to the public at all times, though of course the reason must be valid. Valid reasons in this regard could be almost anything. There is also a certain set of procedures that one must first follow before the records would be made available, and the reason behind the procedure is to protect the records from tampering. After all, these records are afforded a great deal of respect when it comes to the authenticity not only of the record itself, but also of the information contained within the same. Thus, a doctored document could create quite a big problem for the person whom the records refer to.

Travis County Texas Arrest Records




There are certain offices where copies of these records could be requested from, and one of these offices is the district court where these records are used in order to know more information about the person who is undergoing trial. Requesting for records at the district court requires that the searcher should make the request at the records division of the court. The procedure begins with the searcher using the database of the court to search for the records. Note that the database is only available within the records division of the court, thus, the requirement that the searcher should personally be at the records division. The database would require the searcher to input certain information regarding the document that he or she is searching for, and would return with results mixing the criteria given by the searcher. Of course, it is possible that the return result may be several documents, and in such a case, the searcher should locate the one that he or she is interested in. once this is done, the searcher should write the control number of the document on a piece of paper and submit the paper to the records keeper would then produce the record. Copies could then be made upon request at one dollar per page of the document.

Searching online for arrest records is also possible, though note that most online databases are not affiliated with the government. They still do provide the same information, albeit at a faster and more efficient manner, and because some of these databases are connected with other databases, there exists the possibility of more information being obtained. Finally, some of these databases do not charge anything for the use of their information.

Travis County Jail Records

The procedure below relates to the procedure to be used at the district court when requesting for records

  • At the district court records division, locate a free computer terminal.
  • Run the search database software on the computer.
  • A search page should be displayed. Input the requested information on the blanks provided.
  • Click search once you are satisfied with the answers that you had provided
  • The software should return search results. From these, locate the record or records that you are interested in.
  • Note the control number assigned to the record and write the same on a piece of paper.
  • Submit the paper where the control number is written to the records keeper who would then produce the record.
  • Request that copies of the record be made for you.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division and claim your copy or copies of the record by presenting your receipt as proof of payment.

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