Virginia Arrest Records

If you’re going to be searching through Virginia arrest records for information about a person in your life, you’ll need to know that the agency in charge is the Virginia State Police Department. There is a central database (Central Criminal Records Exchange) which operates as the database for all Virginia criminal records, including non-criminal and criminal justice. As with other states, only approved associations are eligible to search Virginia arrest records and a signed and notarized document will be required along with $15 – the fee for each record search. You can contact the Virginia State Police at the following address or phone number:

Virginia State Police Records Mgmt.
Central Criminal Records Exchange
P.O. Box 85076
Richmond, VA 23261-5076
Phone: (804) 323-2269

Virginia Criminal Records




To forego all the hassle of dealing with the Virginia police department, you may want to use an online search service instead. Most of these sites are professional and the extensive databases they use guarantee that if there’s information out there on the person you submit – they’ll find it. A state-produced report may contain errors and inaccurate information about the person. With an online search site, you can rest assured that the data has been searched as much in depth as it could be and that the information you see is true and accurate. Legal professionals use these online search sites on a regular basis to get information about a case or to perform research for a client. Most search sites offer monthly memberships if you think you’re going to be using the service regularly – or, you can choose a one-time only search. Remember that if no information is found, there should be no charge.

The Internet has made such arrest record searches possible, but the outbreak of crime such as fraud, child predators and identity theft has made searching a person’s background a real necessity. Many people search the background of a new love interest. It’s easy to be swept off your feet and made to feel special, but some people make a business of it and prey on women and men who are lonely. Later, the person finds a way to steal money or things and disappear. The person might go by an alias, which should be revealed in the online search. Plan to enter as much information as you can about the person in question so that the search engines and databases can pull up as much as possible. If you have such information as a social security number and a birth date, be sure and submit it to the search site.

You’ll likely receive the report within moments of submitting the information, but if there’s a myriad of information to search through, it may take longer. When you receive the report about the person, you can be sure that it’s accurate and up to date. Most of these online search services take pride in providing people with a way to check the background of a person so that a decision can be made about allowing someone to stay in your life. Click on the link to find out more about online search sites and how you can use them to find Virginia arrest records.

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