Washington Arrest Records

The records you request from the Washington criminal justice agency are limited to only conviction data about the person in question. That rule can severely limit your search results and make a difference in how the person’s background is presented. The Washington State Patrol is in charge of keeping these arrest files and you can fill out a request form and send it, with a $10 fee, to:

Washington State Patrol
Identification and Criminal History Section
P.O. Box 42633
Olympia, WA 98504-2633
Phone: (360) 534-2000

Washington Criminal Records




The fee is non-refundable, even if the department finds no arrest record. Because of the Criminal Records Privacy Act, you must submit either a “Request for Conviction Criminal History Record” or a full set of fingerprints. If possible, you’ll need to provide the full name, aliases and date of birth. Information about yourself should include your full name and title, phone number, business and signature. Washington is one of the states that make you go through mounds of red tape to get the information you need about a person’s background. If you want to skip the hassle, consider choosing an online search service to do the work for you. These services are usually professional and reputable and can have the information you need in a matter of moments. It’s all legal and safe and the information you provide to the service is completely confidential. They charge a very reasonable fee that’s automatically refunded if they don’t find the data you requested.

Using an online search service is also much more reliable than information you might receive from a state agency. These agencies are usually short-handed and just don’t have the time to pay attention to all the details contained in the arrest records.

Whether you’re wondering if a new love interest is who he or she claims to be, you will set your mind at ease by performing an arrest records search.

Employers have been using background searches for years to search backgrounds of employees. With the extremely popularity and ease of use of the Internet, the ordinary citizen can now search through the same records for valuable information. The data you receive will help you reach a decision about a questionable person in yours or a loved one’s life. When you use an online search service you can rest assured that the report you receive will contain accurate information that you can comfortably base a decision on.

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