West Virginia Arrest Records

Each state now has its own methods of letting the public have access to its criminal records. In West Virginia, the State Police is the main resource of arrest records and for a small fee, you can access West Virginia arrest records by filling out and sending a request form with the fee of $20 to:

West Virginia State Police
Criminal Investigation Reports
725 Jefferson Rd.
South Charleston, WV 25309-1698
Phone: (304) 746-2178

West Virginia Criminal Records




You can pay the fee in the form of a certified check or money order (made payable to The West Virginia State Police). Be sure you fill out the entire form (titled, West Virginia Background Request Form), including the full name, gender, race and birth date of the possible offender. If you have other information, such as social security number, possible aliases, previous addresses and other data that might help narrow the search, be sure to include that too. Keep in mind that a state-based search may be inaccurate because of unrecorded updates or erroneous filings. States don’t usually have wide-reaching search engines or accurate databases because of lack of staff or lack of money to fund criminal background search information for the public. You can receive a more accurate and up to date report by choosing an online, fee-based search service. By simply entering a small amount of information, you’ll receive the use of a professional service that can search through various states, names and other data to narrow it down and provide you with information that you can count on to be true. Whether you’re searching for criminal information on a person who might be a new love interest or choosing a professional service can ensure that you have what you need to make an educated decision Many people have based decisions in the past on their “intuition” about people. In today’s world, that’s no longer a viable option because of the rampant increase in crime and a transient society that allows others to hide their pasts.

By choosing a reputable, online service, you’ll receive a report within moments after you submit the request and it will be in a professional format that you can easily understand and decipher. Only then can you be sure you have the exact data you need to make a well thought out decision about the person(s). You can choose to become a member of an online search site if you’re a professional legal person or business that might use the site on a daily basis – or you can choose a one-time search option to run a single criminal arrest record search. Clicking on the link will provide you with all the information you need about how to seek West Virginia arrest records for a particular person in your life. Get started now and set your mind at ease.

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