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Public records constitute almost all of the work of a county government, whether it is making them, keeping them, maintaining and securing them, or issuing them to people who make valid request for the same. It is rather easy to see why this is the case. Public records, such as Williamson County Arrest Records, are records that contain information that are of great use to the public not only because they are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, but also because of the fact that some of the information contained within the four corners of the papers that make up arrest records are information that the person whom the records refer to would not reveal under ordinary circumstances, often because this information is enough to cast the person whom the records refer to in bad light, though these information are often the ones that are most required by the person making the request for the records.

Arrest records, as was mentioned before, are public records, which mean that they are supposed to be available to the general public, but one must note that because of the importance of these records, there are certain procedures that a person requesting for them should first comply with. Luckily, the procedures prescribed by the law are relatively simple, though they are different for each office where the records are kept. Note that the most important reason for the procedure is because of the respect afforded to these documents, thus, a single compromised document, such as a maliciously manipulated document, could cause untold problems for the person whom the records refer to.

Williamson County Texas Arrest Records




This is one of the reasons why arrest records are kept at different locations as much as because these records are needed at those different locations, and one of the locations where such records are kept would be the office of the district attorney who require these documents in the pursuit of their mandate as the prosecutors of criminal offenders within the borders of the county. The specific division of the office that the searcher would be interested in when requesting for records would be the records division. Here, the searcher should request for the record from the records keeper who would assign a clerk to assist the searcher in his or her search. Often, however, the clerk would just quiz the searcher regarding the specifics of the records that is being requested so that the clerk would be the one who would do the actual search since it is in the best interest of everyone if non-employees are not allowed access to the records. If there are records, the clerk would return with them, and the searcher could then request that copies of the same be made after he had paid the required fee at the cashier. The required fee is one dollar per page of the record.

Of course, the searcher could just use online databases using the internet. Although these databases are mostly unaffiliated with the government, the information that they provide is the same, and often, they provide more information because they are connected with other databases. Internet searches are faster and more efficient in addition to the fact that they could be done within the four walls of the home of the searcher. Some of these databases also do not charge anything for the use of their resources.

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A search for arrest records at the office of the district attorney records division should follow the procedure given below

  • Head over to the records division of the office of the district attorney
  • Inform the records keeper of your intention to search for records.
  • The records keeper would assign a clerk to assist you.
  • Inform the clerk of the specifics of your search including but not limited to the name of the person whom the records refer to.
  • Using this information, the clerk would attempt to locate any record matching your search criteria and return with the results.
  • Once the clerk had returned, you may request for copies of the records that you are interested in.
  • Pay the required fee before returning to the records division to claim your copies by presenting your receipt as proof that you had paid the required fee.

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