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Over the course of the past few years, background checks have become so common that it is now no longer farfetched to claim that it had become a necessary requisite when one is applying for a job. It is also easily seen why background checks have become necessary. The threats that people now face are not limited to the large terror organizations, but also to small-time crooks that take advantage of the trust of people. Fortunately for the person applying for the job, he is not the one who would have to bear the burden of paying for the background check, unfortunately for the prospective employer, however, he is the one who would have to pay for the same, and specialized background check agencies frequently jack up their bills in the hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, background checks could be conducted by the person who requires them in the first place, without resorting to specialized background check agencies, and the first step in such a case would be for the person to look for arrest records such as Wise County Arrest Records.

Arrest records contain notations on the criminal past of the person whom the records refer to. In addition, they are public records that are usually appended to a larger file known as criminal records. As public records, these records are generally available to the public at all times, and after following a relatively simple set of procedures. In addition, public records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, and this respect extends to the contents of the records itself so that the person who would claim that the contents of the records are false would have the burden of proving the same. Note, however, that not every person would have an arrest record, as a person has to be arrested in the first place before an arrest record with his or her name would be made.

Wise County Texas Arrest Records




One of the offices where arrest records, or at least copies thereof, could be requested from would be the office of the clerk of court. As the official recorder of the county, the county clerk would have copies of every public record ever filed within the borders of the county. The clerk is also under legal mandate to release these records upon a valid request, and a valid request is just one that followed the requisite procedure which starts with the searcher personally making the request for copies of the record. As a matter of public policy, permission is almost always given. Once permission is obtained, the searcher could request for assistance from a member of the staff, and this procedure is highly recommended given the sheer amount of volumes of records that may have to be examined. The actual examination and looking for the records could actually take days, but once the records had been located, the searcher could request for copies of the same. The required fee is one dollar per page that would be used for the copying, plus an additional two dollar per document for the certification fee.

A faster search could be conducted online using online databases. There are a number of these non-government affiliated websites that would provide the same information as the various government offices and databases, but they do so at a faster and more efficient manner, with most not even charging anything for the use of their services. In addition, these websites are connected to other website which means that there is the possibility of more information than the ones that the searcher initially wanted to obtain.

Wise County Jail Record

The steps given below must be followed when requesting for records at the office of the county clerk

  • Head over to the office of the county clerk and request permission from the clerk to view the archives.
  • Optionally, you could request for assistance from a member of the staff to assist you in the search.
  • Look for the records that you are interested in at the archives.
  • One you had located the records, bring them to the desk of the records keeper and request that copies of the same be made for you.
  • The records keeper would then determine your required fee based on the number of pages of the document, the number of copies that you want, and whether or not you want to certify the copies.
  • Pay the required fee as would be indicated by the records keeper at the cashier.
  • Return to the records keeper and wait for the copies to be completed before claiming the same.

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