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The past history of a person would always have an impact on his present and, ultimately, his future. Subconsciously, man recognizes this, hence, the reason why secrets are kept, especially those secrets which are believed to be a catalyst for the person to be seen at a negative light. Secrets like past conviction or arrests are often the most well kept secret of a person. It is submitted that the best way to uncover these secrets is through years of interaction with each other and through an exercise that takes years, if not decades, to complete, an exercise that we call trust building. Sometimes, however, there is not enough time for even that. Business owners must trust his or her employees not to run off with their cash register, parents require their babysitters to be trusted not to run off with the kids that they are watching, banks require assurances that their potential customers would not ran off when debts become due, and many other scenarios. For this reason, Wood County Arrest Records would be of great assistance.

Arrest records contain information that is to be of great assistance in the scenarios mentioned above and those that are synonymous to it. Arrest records are also public records, which mean two things from the point of view of using the same as a source of information. The first is the fact that public records are generally available to the public at all times and could be acquired for any valid reason. As for what constitute valid, that is up to the custodian of the records to determine, but in general, the documents are available at all times. The second is that the fact that public records are generally presumed to be accurate, thus, the person claiming that the records are lying has the burden of proving the same.

Wood County Texas Arrest Records




Public records may be requested from a number of sources, but one of the best sources to request for public records would be the district court, as this is where the records are mostly used. Note that arrest records, or at least the information contained within them, are taken into consideration when a person is sentenced. Searches for records, like arrest records, at the district court are also faster as they have their own database that the public could use, though one that could not be used outside the venue of the court. Thus, the procedure to follow starts with the searcher locating a free computer terminal at the records division of the district court and using the database software installed in the computer to do the search. The program would have a search page with several blanks that the searcher would have to fill up. Note that this would form the search parameters. Once the searcher is satisfied, the searcher should click the search button, and the machine would return the results. From the results, the searcher should pick the one that he or she is interested in and click on the same. There would be a control number on the document that the searcher must note. The records keeper would use this reference number to locate the record, and once the record had been located, the searcher could request for a copy of the same at one dollar per page of the record.

As fast as this search could be, the searcher could have a faster time searching using online databases. Although unaffiliated with the government, these databases do provide the same information as the government offices, albeit at a faster and more efficient manner. Some of these databases do not even charge anything for the use of their database and because they are connected with other databases, there is the possibility of more information being obtained than one that was initially searched for.

Wood County Jail Records

Follow the procedure given below when searching at the district court

  • Head over to the district court records division
  • Locate an empty computer terminal to use.
  • Using the software installed in the computer, search the archives by providing the information required by the software.
  • From the results of the search, locate the one that you are interested in and note the control number of the same.
  • Inform the records keeper of your request and give him the control number.
  • The records keeper should return with the record that you are interested in.
  • Request that copies of the record be made for you.
  • Once the records have been copied, claim the same.

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